Fall 2018 Student Membership Drive


Our student membership drive is a great way for your student section to grow its membership and expand its programs. It's also a great way for student members to connect with people who will help you throughout your career.

Win Prizes

Beast of SafetyThe more students you recruit, the greater your chances of winning these great prizes. The winning student section receives:

  • $200 to grow your student section programs
  • One complimentary dues renewal for the winning section’s faculty advisor
  • Beast of Safety T-shirts – We’ll send your student section some of these top-selling shirts so your top recruiters can rep around campus.
  • Ten new student members will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card. All new students receive a free practice specialty and common interest group.

How to Participate

Ask new student members to enter the promo code 182STUREF on their student application. For each new member you recruit, your student section will be entered into a drawing to be our grand prize winner. The deadline to participate is Nov. 16, 2018.

Student Recruitment Tips

Here are a few ideas to help you get recruit members: 

  1. Share information about the benefits of ASSP membership with prospective members:
  2. Visit classrooms and share the story behind why you joined ASSP. Use some of the information in step 1 to help explain how membership can benefit other OSH students.
  3. Participate in student activity fairs on campus. ASSP will even send you promotional materials and giveaways to help bring traffic to your booth. Be sure to use a sign-up sheet so you can follow-up with prospective members.
  4. Invite prospective members to get involved. Host a recruitment reception where advisors and officers provide information on ASSP and how to get involved. Pro tip: Offer free food.
If you have any questions about the drive or would like to request promotional materials, contact ASSP's Student Services team.

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