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The American Society of Safety Professionals course instructors are leaders in the safety professional field and have many years of experience in safety.

Learn from Industry Experts

As leaders in their fields, ASSP approved instructors are the best of the best. We carefully review and confirm their credentials, experience, and teaching abilities to bring you the most up to date education available in the safety industry. Check out our list of instructors who bring relevant real-world experiences to support your education.


Lauren Bauerschmidt, CSP

Lauren Bauerschmidt is a manager of standards development for ASSP. A member of the Society’s staff since 2016, Bauerschmidt oversees standards-development activities for safety committees including hazardous energy, OSH training, fleet, metrics and the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Management Board Working Group on Risk Management (PC 262).

Prior to joining ASSP, Lauren was an ergonomics and safety specialist with Abbott Laboratories. A professional member of ASSP, Bauerschmidt holds an M.S.E in Ergonomics and Safety and a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering, both from the University of Michigan.


Dr. Jeanette Black, EdD, SPHR-SHRM SCP

Jeanette Black is a professor in the College of STEMM at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She is the co-author of “The Human Factor to Profitability: Building a People-Centered Culture for Long-Term Success.” Black is an occupational health nurse/nurse practitioner who has worked with Fortune 500 companies focused on developing psychologically healthy workplaces.


Earl H. Blair, Ph.D., CSP, FASSP

Earl Blair is a visiting lecturer at Indiana University. His experience includes years of industrial safety management, consulting and training throughout the U.S. and internationally. He researches safety culture, leadership and employee engagement. Blair is a CSP and ASSP Fellow.


James Boretti, CSP

With more than 30 years of experience, James Boretti has an extensive background in safety. As a business owner, he provides leadership and oversight of business operations, including board consultations. Boretti is a CSP, member of the ASSP Code of Conduct Committee and former regional vice president of Region I.


Cynthia E. Braun, CSP, CET, CHMM

Cynthia Braun, CSP, CIT, CHMM, is the president of Braun Safety Associates and CEO of Celebrate Safety Inc. She has 27 years of safety and health experience, and provides consulting and training on safety management systems, OSHA compliance, industrial hygiene, incident investigations, and risk management. Braun serves clients in manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, food and beverage, retail, government and other industries.

Alexi Carli

Alexi Carli, CSP

Alexi Carli, CSP, spent more than 40 years with UPS, retiring as vice president of safety and health in 2018.  In her role with the company, she prepared and presented business cases at various levels of the organization, including the C-suite. Carli is president of Carli Consulting LLC. She holds degrees in business management and occupational safety and health. In addition, she is chair of the ANSI/ASSP Z16 Committee developing a standard on safety and health performance metrics.


Kenneth A. Clayman, SMS

Kenneth Clayman is a safety and health professional who has spent more than 35 years working with organizations around the world to develop and apply innovative management approaches. He advocates for management systems that support safety culture and continual performance improvement. Clayman is a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 283, which publishes ISO 45001, the international standard for occupational safety and health management systems.


Patricia M. Ennis, MS, CSP, ARM, CRIS

Trish Ennis is a leadership, risk management and occupational safety and health professional with more than 30 years of experience. She has expertise in many different areas, including construction, property management, healthcare and zoo and animal management.


Paul A. Esposito, CSP, CIH

Paul A. Esposito, CSP, CIH, is President of STAR Consultants, Inc. He has nearly 40 years of technical experience, and has led health, safety and environmental (HSE) consulting organizations for more than 30 years, giving him a breadth of experience working with leading companies worldwide. He holds a Master’s in Health and Safety from Johns Hopkins University. Paul is a member of the ISO 31000 technical advisory group on Risk Management and Risk Assessment, and a member of the ANSI Z16 development team on Safety and Health Metrics and Performance Measures.


Tim Fisher, CSP, CHMM, CPEA, ARM, STS, CAE, Fellow

Tim Fisher is director of standards and technical services for ASSP. A member of the Society’s staff since 1995, Fisher oversees ASSP’s standards-development activities. During his ASSP career, Tim also served as manager of governmental affairs and relations. Prior to joining ASSP, Tim was facilities and operations manager with Allstate Insurance Co., and also served in the U.S. Air Force. A professional member of ASSP, Fisher holds an M.S. in Industrial Management, Safety and Industrial Hygiene, from Northern Illinois University, an M.A. in Public Administration from University of Illinois-Chicago and a B.A.


Gary J. Garrahan, CHMM

Gary J. Garrahan is the manager of environment, health and safety for The Wonderful Company, a privately held grower, harvester, bottler, packager and marketer of products including fruits, nuts, flowers, water, wines and juices. He lives in Bakersfield, CA.


Samuel J. Gualardo, CSP, FASSP

Samuel. J. Gualardo, M.A., CSP, FASSP, is a nationally recognized expert in occupational safety and health management. His LeadSAFE safety/risk management process is used by organizations around the world. Gualardo routinely testifies as an expert witness in workplace injury cases.


Mark D. Hansen, P.E., CSP, CPE, CPEA, FASSP

Mark Hansen, P.E., CSP, CPE, CPEA, FASSP, is a past president of ASSP. He has 30 years of domestic and international experience in occupational safety and health. Hansen has written three books and more than 200 articles. He has a B.S. in psychology and an M.S. in industrial engineering from Texas A&M University.


Mark A. Hernandez, CHST

Mark Hernandez is passionate about empowering leaders and accelerating safety performance. After beginning his career in scaffolding, he has spent more than 20 years in safety. Hernandez worked with OSHA for 12 years and is a certified John Maxwell speaker. He enjoys informing, challenging and inspiring audiences.


Robert Hites, CSP, CIT, SMS, CHST, and A&P Mechanic

Robert Hites is the founder/CEO of Forethought Consulting. He is an accomplished professional specializing in advanced problem-solving. He partners with stakeholders to unravel complex issues, identify triggering factors, develop strategies and translate those into operational actions.


Todd R. Hohn, CSP

Todd Hohn, CSP, is the managing director of ES&H at ONE Gas. He is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of the team that supports safety, health, environmental and operational improvement for the organization.


James C. Howe, CSP

Jim Howe, CSP, specializes in safety management systems and the application of systems thinking. He chairs the ANSI/ASSP Z10 committee and is a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 283, which publishes ISO 45001, the international standard for occupational safety and health management systems.


Colin Hubanks

Colin Hubanks has more than 25 years’ experience managing and developing effective safety and environmental programs for a range of clients and industries. He has pioneered environmental, health and safety programs across several high-risk fields, including mining, manufacturing, and oil and gas. His guidance on behavior-based safety and root-cause analysis extends across employee levels and businesses. Prior to joining DEKRA, Hubanks was environmental health and safety manager for Weir SPM. He holds a degree in business management from LeTourneau University.


Patrick J. Karol, CSP, ARM, SMS, CIT

Patrick Karol started his career as a front-line supervisor with safety as a collateral duty, and now he advises senior leaders on strategies to reduce risk. His experience includes more than 20 years in the corporate safety departments of two Fortune 200 companies and the federal government. 

James _skipper_kendrick

James 'Skipper' Kendrick, CSP, FASSP

James "Skipper" Kendrick, CSP, has vast experience in the disciplines of safety, management, education and training. He is an ASSP Fellow, a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), a Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT) and an inaugural member of the ASSP Region III Hall of Fame.


Delaney King

Delaney King has worked as an instructor and adult educator for nearly 10 years. Holding a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan and a master’s degree in adult and continuing education from the University of British Columbia, King strives to deliver professional development workshops and seminars for all types of learners.


Thomas E. Kramer, P.E., CSP

Thom Kramer, P.E., CSP, is managing principal for LJB Inc. He has a master's degree in engineering and an MBA. He is the ANSI/ASSP Z359 committee chair and also chairs two subcommittees. Kramer is a director-at-large for ASSP.


Richard Lindsey, CSP, SMS

Richard Lindsey has more than 25 years of experience with a wide range of industries and safety, security and compliance subjects. Richard has provided independent safety consulting services for the past 12 years, with a significant portion of that work related to training at all employee levels.


C. Gary Lopez, MS, CSP, FASSP

C. Gary Lopez is an ASSP Fellow and a recipient of the National Safety Council’s Distinguished Service to Safety award, among other honors. His courses are based on the 45 years he has spent in safety, primarily in the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device and construction industries.


Bruce K. Lyon, P.E., CSP, SMS, ARM, CHMM

Bruce Lyon is vice president and risk consultant with Hays Companies Inc. He is chair of the ISO 31000 U.S. Technical Advisory Group, chair of the ASSP TR-31010 Technical Report for Risk Management, vice chair of the ANSI/ASSP Z590.3 Prevention Through Design Standard, advisory board chair to University of Central Missouri’s (UCM) Safety Sciences program and a director of Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). Lyon is lead author of “Risk Management Tools for Safety Professionals” published by ASSP in August 2018, and co-author of “Risk Assessment: A Practical Guide to Assessing Operational Risk” published by John Wiley & Sons in 2016. He holds an M.S. in Occupational Safety Management and a B.S. in Industrial Safety from UCM. In 2018, he received the CSP Award of Excellence from BCSP.


Loui McCurley

Loui McCurley is CEO of PMI and founder of the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians. For decades she has worked on a global scale to improve knowledge, training, and equipment for enhanced safety in work at height. She has served as a member of ANSI Z359 committee on fall protection and as a SPRAT certified rope access technician for over 20 years, and has authored three textbooks on related topics. Loui is recognized internationally as a thought leader, training specialist, and authority on safety in rope access and related fields including rescue, fall protection, and safety at height.


David Natalizia

David Natalizia leads the ergonomics practice for BSI services and solutions. He is a recognized expert on slip and trip prevention, and has implemented practical solutions in hospitality, industrial, agriculture and construction environments. Natalizia has participated in standards development and research on slips and trips.


Camille P. Oakes, CSP, SMS, CIT

Camille Oakes, M.Eng., CSP, SMS, CIT, is a safety professional with 15 years of experience helping companies create better training, better culture and better business practices on their way to Better Safety. Camille combines a safety engineering education with practical experience to teach safety professionals how to reduce risk.


Steven P. Pereira, CSP

Mr. Pereira has over 40 years of safety and loss prevention experience. He is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology and has a Master of Construction Science and Management Degree from Clemson University. He serves on the Southeastern Louisiana University OSH&E Advisory Committee. Mr. Pereira has trained over 8,000 individuals in Pre-Task Safety Planning and Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control. Steven has an extensive background in the area of Chemical Process Safety Management (PSM), Confined Space Entry and Gas Testing. Mr. Pereira has assisted numerous clients and law firms in responding to catastrophic incidents involving regulatory and law enforcement agency visits as well as whistleblower complaints.


Georgi Popov, Ph.D., CSP, ARM, SMS, QEP

Georgi Popov, Ph.D., CSP, ARM, SMS, QEP, is a professor in the School of Geoscience, Physics and Safety (GPS) Sciences at the University of Central Missouri. Popov is a member of ASSP's Heart of America Chapter.


Eldeen E. Pozniak, CRSP, CMIOSH

Eldeen Pozniak is an international management consultant who specializes in occupational safety and health. She is committed to a safer world of work. Pozniak has more than 25 years of diverse industry experience within 21 countries and on five continents.


Steve Roberts, Ph.D.

Steve Roberts, Ph.D., is the co-founder of Safety Performance Solutions. For the past 30 years, he has been focused on implementing people-based safety processes. Roberts taught the “People-Based Safety” ASSP course from 2005-18. He also wrote the “Principles of Behavior-Based Safety” chapter in the “Handbook of Safety Principles,” published in 2018.


Deborah R. Roy, MPH, CSP, COHN-S, CIT, FASSP

Deborah R. Roy holds a Master of Public Health in occupational health and safety from the University of North Carolina. She is president of SafeTech Consultants Inc., and was the corporate director of health, safety and wellness at L.L.Bean for 12 years. Roy is President of ASSP for 2020-21.


Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CFIOSH, EurOSHM, FASSP

Kathy Seabrook is an influential futurist, working with companies across industry sectors and leveraging workplace OSH for operational and commercial excellence. She is a published author, member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 283 that publishes ISO 45001, member of the ANSI/ASSP Z10 committee and member of the Global Reporting Initiative 403 OHS standard working group. She is board chair of the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability, a past president of ASSP, and an ASSP and Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Fellow.


Francis P. Sehn, CSP, ARM

Fran Sehn, MSA, CSP, ARM, is principal consultant for FxS Risk and Safety Consulting. Prior to establishing this consultancy, he was a vice president of risk control for Willis for more than 20 years. At Willis, Sehn provided comprehensive consulting services for global and U.S. organizations.


Daniel J. Snyder, Ph.D., CSP, CHST, OHST, SMS, CIT

Considered a subject matter expert on OSH professional competencies, Daniel Snyder's research-based consultancy is focused on safety leadership. As the founder of, he created a learning management system dedicated to customized OSH professional development. Snyder serves as the chair for the ANSI/ASSP Z490.1 training standard.


Barry S. Spurlock, CSP

Barry S. Spurlock, J.D., CSP, is an associate professor at Eastern Kentucky University, a member-attorney with law firm Crump Spurlock and a founding partner of Safety Change Agents. His entire professional career has been devoted to the safety profession, working in manufacturing, insurance loss control, law and academia.


Cole L. Tait

Working as a firefighter for more than 14 years, Cole Tait has become passionate about changing the way everyday professionals approach training. He has created courses that engage first responders and safety professionals. In early 2019, Tait partnered with another safety trainer to create Preventative Measures Consulting. He has spoken at several ASSP events.


Joel N. Tietjens, CSP, CSHM, FASSP

Joel Tietjens is president of T-JENS & T-JENS, INC., based in Houston. He is a professional speaker, seminar leader, and occupational safety and health management consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Science in industrial safety from the University of Central Missouri, is a Certified Safety Professional and a Certified Safety and Health Manager.


Amy Timmerman, CSP, CHES

Amy Timmerman is a highly seasoned safety professional who has held leadership positions implementing safety programs and services for global companies like GE, Siemens and Stryker. She is chair of the ANSI/ASSP Z10 Committee and a member of the leadership team for the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Project Committee 283 that publishes ISO 45001, the international standard on occupational health and safety management systems. Timmerman is the president of AT Safety, a consulting firm that specializes in management systems. She is a recognized expert in management systems, risk assessments, incident investigation and regulatory compliance. Timmerman is also an assistant professor at Illinois State University, where she teaches courses in its safety degree program.   Outside of safety, she is actively involved in Girls on the Run and is an avid fitness and health enthusiast.


Jack Toellner, P.E., CSP

Jack Toellner, P.E., CSP, is a retired ExxonMobil executive with diverse experience in construction, engineering, safety and health management, and operations management. He has worked in more than 30 countries with more than 100 clients, and has delivered more than 30 full-day workshops on safety management for ASSP.


Zachary J. Toellner

Zach Toellner is a safety and health consultant and instructor based in Oklahoma City. He owns and is the primary content creator for, and serves as the lead web developer and business development manager for


Cary P. Usrey, Sr.

Mr. Usrey started his career in the U.S. Navy's Nuclear Power Program. After leaving the Navy, Cary served as the Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Director at Adirondack Resource Recovery Associates, a waste-to-energy power plant in upstate New York, for over 13 years. Cary then took a position with Turner Construction, serving as the Business Unit Safety Director for the upstate New York office for approximately three years. Currently he is working as a Process Improvement Leader at Predictive Solutions since March 2007. In this role, Cary is responsible for implementing solutions and best practices for customers seeking to prevent worker injuries using an integrated safety management system that focuses on leading safety indicators.


Wayne Vanderhoof, CSP

Wayne Vanderhoof, CSP, has more than 30 years of experience in public safety, mechanical engineering design and worker safety. He is the senior consultant and president of RJR Safety Inc., a safety consulting practice in the manufacturing and oil and gas industries.

Pam Walaski

Pamela J. Walaski, CSP

Pam Walaski, CSP is Senior Program Director with Specialty Technical Consultants, Inc. Pam is a Professional Member of ASSP, currently serving a 3-year term as a Director- At- Large. She is an instructor for the ASSP Risk Assessment Certificate program and delivers many workshops and seminars on risk management.

Rajni Walia

Rajni Walia

Rajni Walia is a senior leader within DEKRA’s Brain-Centric Reliability™ team, which provides leading-edge solutions that incorporate the latest in applied behavior and neuroscience to help organizations achieve “right first time” results in safety performance and human performance reliability. Walia has more than a decade of experience in performance management, organizational assessment and development, and human error reduction. To foster strong performance reliability, she takes a systemic approach to designing and enhancing workplaces and processes, deeply embedded in applied neuroscience. Walia holds a Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University, an M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from St. Mary’s University and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Texas.


Paul A. Zoubek, CSP, CIH

Paul Zoubek provides expertise in management and engineering control of workplace hazards and risk assessment/mitigation for organizations nationwide. He advises in the areas of engineering hazard control, written program development and training. Specialties include electrical safety program management, development and training, machine safeguarding, risk assessment and hazard control, and procedure development and auditing.


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