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Mentoring in Safety


Through mentoring, safety professionals can establish helpful relationships that enable both participants to learn, develop new skills, and grow professionally and personally.

The Value of Mentorship Programs

Whether you are looking for a formal or informal mentoring relationship, ASSP helps connect you to vast community of great people who can help you better navigate the safety profession and solidify your career path while forming lifelong friendships that can help you grow personally and professionally.  

Who Needs a Mentor?

While most mentoring relationships find an experienced safety professional working with a new occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals, mentoring can help at any stage of your career. If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, then you might benefit from seeking out a mentor.
  • Are you changing careers?
  • Are you working toward any professional certification?
  • Are you returning to the workforce after time away from the profession?
  • Are you a new college graduate?
  • Are you looking to expand your knowledge and experience?

Who Should Be a Mentor?

ASSP members of all experience levels are well-suited to be mentors — especially if you’re committed to advancing the profession by helping newcomers in the field, as well as making individuals who are new to the Society feel welcome.

As a mentor, you should:

  • Make time for your mentee as necessary — in person, by phone or via e-mail/instant message
  • Establish mutual trust and respect with your mentee
  • Maintain strict confidentiality
  • Help your mentee develop alternatives to address work-related problems or create learning opportunities
  • Support your mentee when they reach goals

Find a Mentor or Mentee

Informal Mentoring

Join ASSP and any one of our many supportive member communities, and find a mentor or mentee organically by participating in a community’s in-person and virtual networking events and education offerings. Many ASSP mentor relationships start this way.

Find a member community

Formal Mentoring

The following ASSP member communities offer formal mentorship programs for their individual group’s members. These communities manage the mentor and mentee application and matching process, as well as provide guidelines and structure for the relationships.

Mentor Matching Process

Before seeking a formal mentor or applying to be a mentor in one of these programs, think about your goals and what you want from a mentor relationship. Talk to others in the profession to get some ideas. Establishing such parameters helps both parties work toward a common goal.

  • Join ASSP and the practice specialty or common interest group with a formal mentorship program
  • Complete a detailed application to help us make the best match
  • The member communities with formal programs accept applications throughout the year, with matches made each spring and fall
  • The community's leadership will notify you of your mentoring match’s name and contact information

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