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ASSP Safety Professional of the Year


Through this award, we recognize outstanding achievement in the profession and acknowledge service to ASSP over a five-year period.

2024 ASSP Safety Professional of the Year

Matthew Herron, M.S., P.E., CSP, CPE
Southwest Research Institute

Matt Herron_ASSP SPY 2024


ASSP Names Safety Professional of the Year 2024

The ASSP Safety Professional of the Year Award

The Safety Professional of the Year Award is presented annually to an ASSP member who demonstrates outstanding achievement in the occupational safety and health (OSH) field while also advancing the OSH profession overall.

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Honoree Benefits

Each recipient receives a $2,000 honorarium and commemorative engraved award.

Nominee Requirements

Eligibility requirements encompass an individual member's:

  • Expertise
  • Industry and ASSP involvement
  • Previous awards
  • Leadership
  • Endorsements

We highly encourage all ASSP chapters, regions, common interest groups and practice specialties to nominate their members for this award. Individuals may also self-nominate. 

Submission Process

Recently Updated

We have updated the ASSP Safety Professional of the Year Award process:

  • Petitioners must use our petition template. We will return submissions that don't follow this format to the petition coordinator for revision.
  • Each nominee must submit a personal statement on their view of the practice of safety, stewardship and vision for the future. A nominee can submit a written statement (500 words or less) or video statement (two minutes or less). We do not require both.
  • Our updated Guide to Compiling an ASSP SPY Petition contains samples and detailed information on submitting a successful petition.
  • Our Technical and Professional Recognition Committee selects the award recipient. Submit your nomination package as a single PDF file to ASSP’s awards team by Nov. 1. Petition and attachments (e.g., letters, forms, table of contents) should not exceed 40 pages.


Other Questions?

Please contact ASSP’s awards team.

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