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Our Society Operating Guidelines describe in detail the manner in which American Society of Safety Professionals is structured and governed. They are intended to accompany and be consistent with ASSP bylaws.

Section 8.5: Maintenance of Chapter Charter

I. Purpose and Scope

ASSP chapter communities provide accessible, face-to-face opportunities for ASSP members to become better safety professionals.

Chapters and their volunteer leaders are responsible to meet ASSP and legal requirements to maintain their charter.

ASSP, the Board of Directors, Council on Region Affairs and each regional operating committee are responsible to ensure that chapters meet ASSP and legal requirements to maintain a chapter charter. Chapters that do not meet these requirements are subject to having their charter revoked/voided by the Board of Directors.

II. Maintenance of Chapter Charter Requirements

The following minimal requirements must be complied with to maintain a chapter's charter.

A. Member Value Requirements

These are the experiences that members are provided by the chapter that will deliver the expected member value:

  1. Hold Executive Committee meetings at least six times a year, at least one of which should involve strategic planning.
  2. Support ASSP in advancing the mission and strategic areas of focus for the organization.
  3. Offer a minimum of four accessible meetings, at least two of which are face-to-face, that have clear educational objectives, are evaluated and help members achieve at least two of the following:
  • Take advantage of career/personal advancement opportunities
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Attain certifications and earn CEUs
  • Expand their local network of safety professionals
  • Expand their technical knowledge

B. Operational Activity Requirements

Operational items required to effectively deliver the member value described above:

  1. Maintain chapter incorporation and affiliate agreements with ASSP headquarters.
  2. Nominate and elect chapter officers and Advisory Group members according to chapter bylaws. The president and president-elect must each be a professional member or member of ASSP for at least one year prior to election.
  3. Establish and maintain current bylaws conforming in principle to the current ASSP model chapter bylaws and approved by the regional vice president for the chapter and each section of the chapter.
  4. The chapter will have an online presence that minimally includes a website that has been updated within the last 90 days with current chapter content.
  5. The chapter will ensure a representative attends the meeting of the regional operating committee/area operating committee at least once per year.

C. Reporting Requirements

Verification that a chapter has met the defined requirements and provide feedback on the tools and resources needed to provide the member value described above

  1. Submit a completed Annual Leadership Report to ASSP by May 31.
  2. Submit a completed Chapter Financial Report to ASSP by May 31 (U.S. chapters only).
  3. Submit a completed Annual Chapter Operations Plan to your regional vice president and ASSP by Aug. 15.
  4. Submit a completed chapter annual report to your regional vice president and ASSP by June 30.
  5. Submit a copy of the chapter's tax return, proof of filing or proof of extension to ASSP by Aug. 15. Chapters outside the U.S. are subject to local tax laws and requirements, and are required to provide proof of compliance.

III. Results of Noncompliance

In the event that the minimal requirements for chapter charter maintenance are not met, ASSP may terminate a chapter charter subject to the language of the affiliate agreement. The chapter level of performance on noncompliance will be reported to the Council on Region Affairs and Board of Directors. Chapter services and the regional vice president will work together to notify a chapter when action will be taken for chapter noncompliance.

Action levels for chapter noncompliance and potential resulting action are described below. (Results of non-compliance process):

  1. Level 1: Not meeting requirements but making efforts in consultation with regional vice president, area director and ASSP

    Resulting action taken:
    • Chapter must submit action plan to regional vice president within 30 days
  2. Level 2: Inability or indifferent attitude of chapter officers to meet chapter requirements and no action/response by chapter to resolve

    Resulting action taken:
    • Chapter dues are withheld. Chapter must submit action plan to regional vice president within 30 days.
    • Regional vice president may send letter of chapter nonperformance to all chapter members, encouraging members to take action and presenting options to revitalize, become a section or dissolve the chapter.
  3. Level 3: Little interest among chapter members to lead or continue the chapter.

    Resulting action taken:
    • Chapter charter terminated as identified in Society Bylaws

In the event a chapter engages in a material breach of the charter agreement, the charter will be terminated as identified in the chapter's affiliate agreement.

IV. Dispersion of Funds

In the event that a chapter charter is terminated, any funds remaining in the treasury account of the former chapter that becomes a section shall be transferred to the treasury account of the chapter that section is affiliated with. For all other cases, the former chapter funds shall be transferred to the ASSP region where the chapter was located, or the ASSP Foundation as determined by the regional operating committee.

Approved By | Date: Board of Directors | 1/2023
Replaces Edition Dated: 12/2019
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