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Ken Daigle, P.E.
Position:  Vice President, Council on Professional Affairs


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Ken Daigle, P.E.,  began his career in the Oil & Gas industry with Shell Oil in 1989 working at various manufacturing sites, providing engineering support to projects, operations and maintenance.  In 1999 he began a series of assignments as a Senior Staff Consultant at Shell Global Solutions leading initiatives to improve safety performance and risk assessment processes across the Shell Group.  In this position he also provided direct technical support and training to the businesses, specializing in risk assessment, hazard analysis, process safety and incident investigation.

In 2005 he became the Health, Safety and Security Manager at the Shell Los Angeles Refinery before joining BP three years later as the Safety Manager of the BP Carson Refinery where he focused on delivering performance improvements in Control of Work, Process Safety, and Emergency Response. 

In 2011, Ken moved to BP’s corporate Safety and Operational Risk organization as the Group Director of Safety Management before moving to his current role as corporate VP of Safety in 2015.  In this role, he leads a team of Safety Technical Authorities and a network of more than 1000 safety professionals who provide their expertise to support sustainable performance improvement in safety management processes throughout all of BP’s operations in 72 countries around the world.

Ken received both a Master and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified Professional Engineer.  He most recently completed an MBA.

Ken is a founding member of the ASSP Risk Assessment Institute and currently serves as the committee Chairperson.

Platform Statement

Fellow Safety & Health professionals, with injury rates stagnating and the rate of serious and fatal incidents increasing in many areas, the need to employ highly skilled OSH professionals is as important as ever.  As OSH professionals, we need to expand our ability to address the risks workers face, with strong support from business leaders who value our expertise and potential to improve overall performance.

As a committee member and Chairperson of the ASSP Risk Assessment Institute, I have listened to thousands of OSH professionals and business leaders describe the challenges they face; each searching for ways to be more effective individually and as an organization in managing risk and reducing incidents.  ASSP can be an advocate and resource that aligns the interests and efforts of OSH professionals and business leaders.

As the VP of Professional Affairs, I will focus my efforts in two areas:

  • Engaging business leaders and regulators to better understand their needs while advocating for OSH professionals to raise awareness of the value we bring to an organization.
  • Developing resources (training, tools, references, etc.) through ASSP to build individual competencies that align with the needs of our members and the businesses they support.


We need business leaders who understand what the OSH professional can do for them and professionals who have the tools and skills to deliver. We should engage both groups through industry organizations, networks, social and print media channels and conferences to listen and learn from each other.

My overall goal is to elevate the value of our profession while aligning your capability with the needs of our stakeholders to reduce risk and improve workplace safety.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and ASSP and hope you will support me for VP of Professional Affairs.


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