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Angela Vance, CSP
Position:  Region VII Area Director, Central Area


AVance PhotoAngela Vance, CSP started out as an intern in an Environmental Department for a job shop plating facility Angela worked extensively with the tracking, reporting, shipping and treatment of different wastewater streams, hazardous waste, and the forming of a trained hazmat response team. She continued and over a six-year period, she continued as an Intern, Safety and Health Coordinator and finally as the Environmental Manager. Her career advancement was in local government, as a Safety Officer of many different areas. Some of these include: Mail Room, Maintenance Service Depot, Parks & Recreation, Facility Management, Human Resources, Animal Resource Center, and Emergency Management. She worked extensively on employee training, accident and near miss investigation, and emergency evacuation and hazard plans. In her current role she is a Senior Safety Specialist working as a consultant for many different clients; carwashes, transportation facilities, law office, as well as numerous other environments.   Angela continually takes education credits to further her knowledge in these areas as well as maintain her Certified Safety Professional designation that she obtained in 2014. In addition to the classes Angela keeps up to date on current events as well as the ever changing rules, regulations and standards. Angela remains active in the different groups and practice specialties of ASSP: WISE, Young Professionals and Public Sector; as well as on LinkedIn and Facebook and Yahoo Groups.

Platform Statement

Hello, my name is Angela Vance and I am currently running for the Area Director position as Central Area Director of Region VII.  I have been active in ASSP since 2008 and had gotten involved very shortly after becoming a member at the suggestion of Connie Muncy, my sponsor.  I started in the Secretary position and worked my way thru Vice President, President and Chapter Delegate.  I have had the ability to learn from some of the best of the best in our Region and worked side by side many of them including past Society President, Warren Brown, and current Board of Directors, Director-At-Large, Thom Kramer.  I have gotten to know the facets of the ASSP organization thru attending many Leadership Conferences and Regional Operating Conferences (ROC).  I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this organization and see the worth of being a member.  I also have witnessed the bonus of all the networking that happens over the years as well.  This has happened when planning a local ROC meeting as well looking for answers to questions I do not have answers to and being able to contact someone across the nation as well as internationally. I would be grateful to come back for the three-year term as Region VII Central Area Director, July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2023.  I served as Central Area Director from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019. I am very well organized and excel in communicating to ensure all members know the expectations of the group.  I was able to put some new methods in place to help with generational communication gaps.  I would be grateful to be serve again to help Chapters obtain their goals, train their officers and ensure they operate within their Bylaws through documentation, obligations and responsibilities.


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ISO 45001 Standard

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