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Anita Muller
Position: Administrator – Global Operations Practice Specialty



Anita Muller has 35 years of risk assessment and change management experience, she is the National Safety Director at Compass Group assigned to Oil & Gas portfolios, Business & Industry and airline accounts extending up to 700M revenue.  Was employed at UT M.D. Anderson as Patient Services Manager leading a staff of 65 for seventeen 17 years.  Anita has experience in high volume food production where injury rates lowered with design of operating and cleaning Job Safety Analysis for each equipment.  She designed corporate wide risk assessment systems and safety culture interventions for Compass Group sectors. Designed and implemented corporate new worker safety instructional guidance and many behavior-based programs. Her forte is in personnel safety training.

Anita’s education includes Marshall University, B.S in Nutrition and Institutional Foods; TX Woman Univ.  M.S Institutional Management, completed 32-hours; Harvard School of Public Health, MA. Risk Assessment and MA. Industrial Hygiene.

Anita was awarded the ASSP Management Practice Specialty SPY in 2019. Is the recipient of many awards through her career including Management of change expertise, safety culture and performance, Compass Safety Gold Award; best of the best, annual milestones for no recordable incidents and ExxonMobil national portfolio 6.5 M manhours no recordable out of work since 6/2008. 

Anita was the chairperson for the ASSP Management Practice Specialty and was recognized annually for outstanding leadership.  She was also the Awards & Honors Chair and evaluated performance of 22 groups and Risk Management in ASSP.

Platform Statement

I am asking your support to consider my position as candidate for Administrator Global Operations Practice Specialty. There have been many challenges this year, therefore, collaboration in global partnerships is critical. This practice specialty is a prominent avenue. Everyone may not agree on how to reconstruct our group - our principles and ideology determine the standards we establish to engage. Technology and AI in safety will play a part as will learning best practices from across borders. 

Upon reflection; we want to belong to a progressive and rising ASSP Practice Specialty. However, we at Global Operations PS have been on probation for an extended time, which pragmatically, will take concerted effort and time to resolve. Fortunately, as Administrator, I have prior experience with Management Practice Specialty which was assembled and invigorated back up again. I plan to work for you and deliver a successful cohesive team. At the start, the effectiveness of Global Operations PS depends on the level of synergy and inclusiveness we can bring about within the group. We will work without coercion and domination in sharing 45001; each one has a role; a choice to participate wholeheartedly on the standard. Global Operations PS is a great platform to adopting our methodologies from headquarters across different geographies. 

We are accountable to achieve in a responsible manner. Develop of trending matters to facilitate best practices and professional relationships. Our task to increase membership by mentoring others – we will be recognized and attract new persons to Global Operations.

Thank you and I look forward to your support.


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