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Matthew Lotz, CSP

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Matthew Lotz is an Environmental, Health & Safety professional with over 25 years industrial experience with an emphasis on regulatory compliance, process safety, and environmental excellence.  Matt started his career in operations engineering before transitioning to EHS - PSM regulatory navigation with large multinational companies operating in diverse industries.  He also believes in serving as a continuous improvement professional,  irrespective the role. His daily job is to continuously improve and serve others.

Matt is a Certified Safety Professional through BCSP.  His top five strength themes are ideation, focus, empathy, strategy, and responsibility.   He has an undergraduate in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Leadership.  He is a husband to Jennifer, who is a dyslexia therapist, and father of two college-age sons.  In his free time, Matt volunteers with Habitat for Humanities, Girls on the Run, and in cooking for various non-profit benefits.

Platform Statement

As the Engineering Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator, I will commit myself to advancing our specialty and delivering opportunities to connect; both within our practice and throughout our professional organization.  I believe through sharing our common hurdles and experiences, our immediate circle benefits and our outer sphere is strengthened. 

My years as a volunteer Fire Fighter/EMT and in industry have taught me safety professionals become better by giving back.   ASSP practice specialty communities provide members an accessible, virtual network of peers focused on common content and the opportunity to solve safety challenges together.  Connecting our members around an engineering theme will help us grow professionally and reach the highest level of performance.

I also believe an active virtual community supports our members “digital engagement” behavior, allowing members to sample content and gradually engage.  This will be accomplished through monthly updates which align to current safety engineering news, hot topics and coming events.  We operate under tighter margins than ever before.  Effective safety engagement also requires some creativity.

I want to serve as Engineering Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator to do just that.  Empower my peers to engage with their circles so everyone becomes stronger.  If elected, my Engineering Specialty Practice Assistant Administrator focus will be to present our fellow ASSP associates opportunities to grow professionally through creating awareness, a technical knowledge exchange and by nurturing an OSH professional network.   Better safety professionals promote diverse, inclusive safety cultures.  And that brings value to our entire community.


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