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David Natalizia

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David Natalizia is a highly experienced safety and health leader who brings both corporate operations and management consulting experience to bear in his contributions and leadership. David started his career in operations with the Walt Disney Company, progressing to a management role, then moving on to a role in safety. Later, David entered consulting, and has worked with many of the world’s largest companies on technical safety issues such as machine safety and walking/working surfaces, as well as safety leadership, performance, and culture. David has focused on the human side of safety and on resilient systems for many years. David has been more concerned with bringing people together for common aims than on buzzwords, factions, “camps,” or labeled approaches. David’s most recent work has centered on well-being at work and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to safety. David is in that rare spot of not being an “old school” or a “new school” safety practitioner. He appreciates the history and traditions that got our profession to where it is today but realizes that new views and approaches have their place as well. David has a passion for worker safety and health and has served to advance the profession through society leadership roles such as PDC Chair, PDC programs chair, Foundation Trustee, Management Practice Specialty Administrator, and through participation on several standards development committees. David values the society’s long history of volunteer-driven leadership, working (vs bureaucratic formality) committees, and wide involvement and representation.

Platform Statement

Professional development is one of the cornerstones of ASSP. There's a rich tradition of quality professional development opportunities that deserve both steady leadership and a willingness to adapt and grow. My commitment to this role will focus on two ideas; that our professional development offerings should suit our membership and the profession's advancement into the future, and that the voice of our membership and volunteer leaders should shape our offerings.

Specifically, one thing that is long overdue is a higher level of cooperation between society-level offerings and regional experiences. We have some popular regional offerings with great traditions of their own, but they have largely existed in a parallel world. Sure, there are longstanding reasons behind this, but the time is right to adapt. It also isn't a case of regional

offerings being subordinated to society-level control, rather It's about dialogue, cooperation, and understanding. I know most platform statements shy away from pointed issues but this is one that deserves to be advanced with openness and care. I'm ready to champion both!

I have had the chance to be involved with Society activities and leadership for quite some time. During that time I've been the recipient of and participant in a lot of professional development, and also had the chance to become involved in the delivery, presentation and leadership of professional development for the society. At the same time, I have had the chance to speak to a lot of members in various chapters and regions, some of whom have concerns about their needs not being met. We cannot be all things to all people, but we can definitely hone in on the concerns and needs of the breadth of our diverse membership in a more meaningful way. Let's work together!


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