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Christine M. Sullivan, CSP, ARM
Position:  Senior Vice President



Christine M. Sullivan, CSP, ARM is the SVP, Risk Control Services Director for the Global Risk Solutions team at Sompo International. After receiving her degree in Human Factors Engineering from Tufts University she began working in safety and now has over 28 years’ experience. For the past 2 years she has been employed by Sompo International where she leads a team of risk control associates who help both national and international companies with their risk management and safety activities. In addition, Ms. Sullivan acts as a risk control consultant to numerous mid-sized and global companies.

An ASSP member since 1996, she is currently the Vice President, Finance for ASSP. Ms. Sullivan is a member of the Risk Management and Insurance Practice Specialty and is past assistant administrator for that group. She has served as a member of the Council on Professional Development and was the VP, Professional Development from 2012 to 2016. Previously, Ms. Sullivan served for 6 years on the National PDC Planning Committee, with three of those years as the Chair. She was a member of the 100th Anniversary Task Force, the Loss Control Symposium Planning Committee, and the Leadership Initiative Task Force. Ms. Sullivan served as the Colorado Chapter President from 2000 – 2001.

Ms. Sullivan has received the Charles E. Culbertson Award from the Society, the Risk Management and Insurance Practice Specialty Safety Professional of the Year award and the COPS Safety Professional of the Year Award.

Platform Statement

Giving back to the profession and the safety community is the driving force behind my volunteer leadership with ASSP. I find it to be a core value, and I am dedicated to supporting and advancing opportunities for members and ASSP as we work to grow the value of the profession. I am honored to be considered for the position of Senior Vice President and I know my leadership skills and experiences will greatly contribute to the future of ASSP. My experience both professionally and as a volunteer with ASSP has provided me the opportunity to be involved in C-suite discussions regarding strategic planning, budget development and operations of an organization. As VP of Finance for ASSP I led the committee’s work to focus on strengthening the balance sheet while advancing the implementation of initiatives to sustain the quality of ASSP services.

Developing members and professionals is a key initiative for ASSP to focus on through the four pillars of strategic emphasis: membership communities, education, standards and the value of the profession There are considerable opportunities to add value for our members. To do this, ASSP must continue to invest resources into members through leading edge initiatives. Communities, standards development and training opportunities provide our members with the knowledge, skills, abilities and resources to provide increased value to their employers. As a society we need to evaluate the needs of our student and young professional members, as well as our more seasoned members, in order to ensure we are offering opportunities and initiatives for all experience levels. We need to look to the future and see what emerging issues are on the horizon and invest the resources to prepare our members to deal with these issues. Our members are asked to do more that is outside the realm of traditional safety, and ASSP can offer resources to strengthen knowledge in these nontraditional areas. I am dedicated to lead the way to develop opportunities that will reach more members and provide them with alternative ways to benefit from the wealth of resources and services within ASSP. As a dedicated volunteer leader, I am committed to proving a pathway to participation to members who are looking for ways to get involved. If elected to a serve as your Senior Vice President, I will embrace the opportunity to continue to work with the Board of Directors and lead our society into the future!


President's Message

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