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James Charlton II, MS, CSP, CHMM, SGE
Position: Area Director – Region IV: Georgia/North Florida


James-CharltonJames Charlton II, MS, CSP, CHMM, SGE is a versatile Certified Professional with a diverse background in the Safety and Health profession in various industries including Biotech & Pharma, Power- Nuclear, Fossil, Solar & Wind, Industrial Manufacturing, Chemical, and Heavy Construction since 1986.  

He is a native of West Virginia where he received his BS in Safety and then a MS in Engineering, focused on Occupational Health & Safety in 1986 at West Virginia University. Over his career while managing Corporate leadership positions, he has been active in the American Society of Safety Professionals and has held various offices in multiple chapters.  From the Regional and National level, he was elected as Area Director of Region VIII and also served on the ASSP Admissions Committee for six years.  Public speaking experience includes presentations at Regional and National conferences for ASSP and VPPPA.  He currently resides in North Augusta, SC and serves as the Past President of the Augusta Region Chapter.  He is expanding the network by currently serving on two committees of the National Hazardous Material Society. 

His drive to safety excellence includes program leadership at six OSHA STAR sites & a DOE STAR site, and corporate level VPP STAR acceptance. To gain additional Safety best practices and experience, he continues to serve Nationally as a Special Government Employee (SGE) within the Dept of Labor-OSHA.  To assist other safety professionals and organizations, he participates frequently in VPP reviews including Chemical, Pharma, Material Movement, and Aerospace operations.  

Platform Statement

As I reflect on nearly four decades of participating in ASSP, I recognize the value it provided me with my professional network. When my career began, I may have had knowledge, but lacked the experience, that is crucial to success.  By taking the time to ask other ASSP members to listen to an idea, or my potential solution to a problem, it allowed me to hear a different perspective and provided valuable lessons and learned experience to my issue.  "You remember the experiences the longest that have bitten you in the backside the hardest", is gained by taking calculated risks and decisions and those events are willingly shared by true safety professionals. They strive to prevent similar negative experiences from happening to others.

As your Region Director, I will strive to ensure the best practices and skills that are available worldwide in the network of ASSP are accessible and provided to the chapters in Region IV.  

Our mutual success is an open communication partnership with the Chapters in the Region with a strong conduit to the Executive Leadership of ASSP and I solicit your vote for that opportunity.


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