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Jennifer Harris, CSP

Position:  Region I Area Director, Area 2


JHarris PhotoJennifer Harris, CSP, has volunteered at the Chapter level for the last 6 years, starting as a Delegate and eventually serving as President-Elect and Chapter President for the Greater San Jose Chapter.  Now, as the Immediate Past President of the chapter, she finds herself wanting to continue her journey with ASSP, to use that experience and what she’s learned at the chapter level and apply it to the regional level to help mentor others.

Jennifer is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and has over 20 years’ experience in the Environmental, Health, and Safety profession.  She has worked at companies big and small, multi-nationals and start-ups in several different industries.  She continues to be involved with ASSP through speaking engagements at the local and national conference levels and mentoring upcoming safety professionals through the Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) common interest group.

Safety has become her lifelong passion.  She wouldn’t keep doing it every day if it didn’t feel that she was making a difference.  Through the years Jennifer has realized that there are many ways to contribute, one way is day-to-day work of getting things done at a site or company level.  Another way is to help shape the profession as a whole.  That’s her next step, where she wants to be.  

Platform Statement

When I was appointed as a delegate, that first year on my Chapter’s Executive Committee, I didn’t have a concept of how the Chapter interacted with the Region and by turn interacted with Society.  Now that I know the wealth of resources and people at each of those levels, I want to make sure that everyone at the Chapter level knows that they have assistance when they need it and opportunities when they are ready to explore.

If I am elected Area Director, I would:

  • Support the area and region chapters to the best of my ability, sharing the knowledge that I have gained by being a part of the Chapter Executive Committee and holding successively increasing positions for these last 6 years
  • Provide help/assistance/mentoring to deliver value to members of chapters, areas, and the region to make their interactions with ASSP engaging, valuable, and fun!
  • Explore new ways of doing things, ensure communication between area chapters and spread best practices

I greatly value the opportunities that ASSP has given me through the years as well as the people that I have been fortunate enough to meet through ASSP.  I want to give back to our profession by honoring those who helped me and mentoring those that would follow me.  I believe that local leaders and chapters need support and encouragement.  We are all volunteers and it takes a focused team to create great results.  I would be honored to serve as your Area Director of Region 1, Area 2.  Thank you for your consideration.


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