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Jim Rainwater, MS, CSP
Position:  Region III Vice President


Reg III -JRainwater PhotoJim Rainwater, MS, CSP is a Senior Risk Engineering Consultant for Hartford Insurance.

As a Certified Safety Professional with over 36 years in the Safety and Health profession, Jim works with all sizes of businesses, helping them through risk evaluations and risk improvement. Jim has worked with manufacturing, construction, trucking, and other types of insureds. He coordinates with top personnel on risk management, human resources, and other areas assisting them with their safety programs, incident investigations, training, etc. In addition, facility audits help identify and address safety concerns of his clients. He is an OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer.

Jim earned a Master’s of Science degree and a duel bachelor of Science and Psychology from Texas A&M at Commerce. He is married and has one daughter.

Jim is a professional member of the American Society of Safety Professionals and has served in all Chapter positions. Recently in 2016 he was named Safety Professional of the Year for the South Texas Chapter and Safety Professional of the Year for Region III. Jim is presently a delegate for South Texas Chapter and helped the Chapter achieve Platinum level in 2018.  With the Region in debt since 2010, Jim, serving as Chairman of the PDC committee, put on one of the most successful conferences Region III has ever had, allowing the Region to pay off all its debt. Region III now runs a self-sustaining conference.  Since 2017 Jim has also served as the treasurer for Region III and is an active Deacon at his church.

Platform Statement

As a member of ASSP since 1983, I have seen firsthand the value of membership in ASSP from a Society, Regional, and chapter level. It is an honor to be nominated as Region III Vice President. I am excited at the opportunity to continue to build additional accomplishments in Region III.

It is very important that we continue in our efforts to recruit new members while helping each local chapter find ways to encourage and develop members to volunteer and contribute at all levels. As health and safety professionals, we have an obligation to continue to develop and grow for the betterment of the profession, but we also need to reach out to the next generation and pass on our knowledge and experiences. We are doing that with our student chapters, special interest groups, and mentoring programs as we show the value of membership in ASSP, helping our members grow and develop.

Region III leads the way in the development of its Student Sections. Our annual Region III Student Leadership Conference continues to grow. This past year we had over 125 participants. We expect even more at this year’s conference where we will continue to develop and support our leaders of tomorrow.

Region III has a very strong Leadership Team and I want to continue to access our people and resources to help build on the solid network of colleagues so they and others can experience similar opportunities and challenges. I ask for your support and vote to continue the progress we are making so we can enhance the value of our National Society and Region III activities to the benefit of our members. I look forward to doing my best to support you and our Society as I listen and respond to the members of Region III.


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