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Joseph Kapp, MS, CIH
Position: Practice specialty Assistant Administrator-Industrial Hygiene


JKapp PhotoJoseph Kapp, MS, CIH has more than 25 years of experience in the Industrial Hygiene and Safety & Risk Management field. After working in the insurance industry as a Risk Control Professional for over twenty years, he is currently the Senior Risk Control Manager with Hillmann Consulting, LLC. In his current position, Mr. Kapp serves as the loss control and industrial hygiene manager for the Risk Management division at Hillmann. Additionally, he provides technical expertise to the Environmental Health & Safety division on indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, and chemical hazard investigations. His responsibilities include: quality control and field application of industrial hygiene sampling strategies, result interpretation, recommendation development, and implementation and reporting. Mr. Kapp collaborates with insurance loss control, underwriting, and claims teams on prospective and existing customer exposure issues, focusing on occupational disease and safety and health exposures.

Mr. Kapp earned his M.S. in Environmental and Occupational Health Science from Hunter College, City University of New York. He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) in Comprehensive Practice, as well as a professional member of the ASSP and the AIHA, National and NJ chapters.

Mr. Kapp has served in the following professional leadership positions: Secretary, Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty, ASSP, and President Elect, President, and Past President of the NJ AIHA. He was also the lead author of the ASSP White Paper, Silica Resource Guide for Contractors, published in September 2018.

Platform Statement

I am running for the open position of Assistant Administrator of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty (IHPS) within the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). As the Assistant Administrator, I will work within the Practice Specialty to assist the Administrator’s efforts in developing and sharing industrial hygiene technical knowledge and expertise with our ASSP members and related professionals. The IHPS Community provides a unique opportunity to bring together the best in safety and industrial hygiene. As the Assistant Administrator, I will create and support team driven activities to further our shared mission of delivering relevant occupational safety and health, and industrial hygiene learning opportunities.

As the acting Secretary, I have gained a valuable understanding of the IHPS and the ASSP organizational structures. My experience as Secretary provides valuable insights to support the ongoing work of the IHPS and ASSP Communities and the broader ASSP association. I will use these insights to help achieve the shared goals we each have toward safety and industrial hygiene. One important goal is to grow the participation within our membership. To achieve this, I will assist in partnering with other Practice Specialties at the Safety conference, local chapter events, and provide virtual conferencing education throughout the year. I will work with the Board members to continue offering valuable technical content and networking opportunities. The IH expertise and collaboration comes directly from the ASSP membership and is a resource we are grateful to have. I will continue to harness this energy and serve the community in the same manner I have been fortunate to experience over the years.

I look forward to continue working with the ASSP as an active member and, if accepted, to serve as the Assistant Administrator of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty.


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