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Lawrence J. H. Schulze, Ph.D., PE, CPE
Position: Practice specialty Assistant Administrator-Ergonomics


LSchulze PhotoLawrence J. H. Schulze, Ph.D., PE, CPE is an Associate Professor since September 1996 in Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Houston - Houston, Texas.  He also served as Assistant Professor, September 1989 - August 1996; He serves as Chair, Advisory Board at Justin Dart Junior Center for Students with DisAbilities since 1999.

Other experience includes:  Adjunct Professor, September 1991 – Present, University of Texas School of Public Health; Fulbright Research-Teaching Scholar, (1995-1996); Visiting Professor, January 1996 – Present. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia (S.A.); Operations Officer, Navy Operational Support Center, Houston. July 2017 – March 2019; Assistant Officer In-Charge (AOIC) / Executive Officer (XO): Operational Support Unit (OSU) Nov 2015 – July 2017; Action Officer, Joint Visitors Bureau, Bagram, Afghanistan. March 2015 – Nov 2015; U. S. Navy Campus Liaison Officer. University of Houston, October 2010 – March 2019.

Lawrence is a PhD: Industrial Engineering (Ergonomics/Human Factors): 1989, Texas A&M University. Has a MS: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (Human Factors/Safety): 1983, Virginia Tech and BA: Experimental Psychology: 1981, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    Professional Registration includes:

  • • Professional Engineer (PE), Texas: #69832.
  • • Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) #734
  • • American Society of Safety Professionals: Gulf Coast Chapter (GCC) VP of Membership Services (2001- 2002-2003), Chapter Treasurer (2003-2004, 2004-2005); Chapter President (2005-2006); Faculty Advisor: Greater Houston Area Student Section (2002 – 2010); Founding Member, National Task Force on Ergonomics. Deputy Region III VP (2005-2006), International Task Force, The Americans and Caribbean (2006 – 2009). Assistant Region III VP – Council on Practices and Standards (2008 – 2012), Treasurer, GCC, (2008-2009). ASSE Representative to the National Institute for Engineering Ethics (2013 – present). Engineering Practice Specialty, Assistant Administrator (2015 - 2017). Administrator (2017-2019).

Platform Statement

Ergonomics is a unique and multi-faceted discipline. As Safety Professionals become more responsible for a wide area of business practices, ergonomics integrates into each of these areas. Ergonomics is also unique in that the Principles of Ergonomic are applicable to are areas of Safety Practice and can provide unique perspectives and support for all ASSP Special Interest Groups and Practice Specialties. Ergonomics encompasses more than just ‘ergonomic chairs and office furniture’ ; for example, the forces and loads encountered in manual labor (manufacturing, construction, agriculture), job and decision stress of complex system operation (process control, oil and gas, transportation), requirements encountered by the mobile and home-based workforce, requirements and limitations students encounter in all levels of educational environments, the complexities encountered in equipment design, etc. As Assistant Administrator I plan to grow upon the cooperation developed between the Engineering and Ergonomics Practice Specialties joint webinar ‘Ergonomic Myths’ to develop joint webinars with each of the other Practice Specialties and Special Interest Groups to provide valuable information to our joint memberships providing education, advocacy, and professional development to advance their careers and the OSH profession as a whole. In addition, I plan to encourage the growth of the ASSP communities and ‘spread the word’ of the application of ergonomics and the de-mystification of the application of ergonomics through ‘Ergonomic Minutes’ by encouraging members to lend their expertise in areas that support the membership of ASSP in understanding the importance of Ergonomics in The System Life Cycle: design, development, fabrication, function, modification, replacement, and retirement. The Members of the Ergonomics Practice Specialty represent every industry represented by the general membership of ASSP. We are excited to work with all members of ASSP to support occupational safety and health professionals in their efforts to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities.


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