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Linda Tapp, CSP
Position: Vice-President, Finance


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Linda Tapp, CSP has been working in safety and health for over 30 years and is President of SafetyFUNdamentals, an occupational safety training company. She currently resides in New Jersey but has previously lived and worked in Amsterdam, Munich and London. She is the author of several books and a contributor to ASSP’s Consultant’s Business Development Guide and the Safety Professional’s Handbook. Linda frequently presents at conferences across the United States.

A member since 1989, she currently serves ASSP as Chair of the Foundation and has been a Foundation Trustee since 2016. Other ASSP volunteer positions include roles on the Council for Professional Development, the Technical Publications Committee, the Public Relations Committee, every possible position at the Chapter level and leadership roles in several Practice Specialties. Linda has received six ASSP Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) awards including the Society’s Edgar Monsanto Queeny SPY. She is also the recipient of a Culbertson Award and a President’s Award.

Linda is a past Director and Treasurer of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Ms. Tapp completed her undergraduate work at Drexel University (BS Biology) and her Masters degree at Temple University (MS Environmental Health). In her free time, Linda volunteers in her community and for the NYC Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and spends as much time as possible outdoors, usually accompanied by her two dogs.

Platform Statement

Through my work with the Foundation over the last several years, I have come to see the effect that support of OSH education and training can have, not only on the lives of the students and professionals that receive ASSP support, but also on the people with whom they work. One new trained and educated OSH professional can have a huge impact on the safety and health of workers in an entire company. ASSP provides the best opportunities for OSH education but this is currently focused on those already involved in our field. There is more to be done to reach potential OSH professionals and ASSP has the people and experience to do it.

My vision for ASSP is to be the premier provider of OSH education and training, not only for members but for non-members as well, especially those in non-traditional demographics. More quality people working in safety means more of an impact on workplace safety. This means targeting groups that may not be the typical college student target audience but those in vo- tech programs, veterans, and people returning to work. Additionally, adding more people to the profession means adding more OSH pros to the Society’s membership. An influx of new, energized members would have a snowball effect. More members would enable ASSP to accomplish more goals, which would in turn bring more people, and more respect, to the profession. With a bigger safety “family” we can do great things.

It's not enough for ASSP members to reach high levels of success at work. We must turn around, invite in, and pull up those behind us by bringing them into the field of OSH and providing opportunities for education and growth. Only then will we be able to have a greater effect on the safety of all workers.



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