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Patrick Wolocko, CHST, GSP
Position: Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator-Management


PWolocko PhotoPatrick Wolocko, CHST, GSP is the Safety Manager for Mechanical Contractor W. Soule and Company (“W. Soule”) out of Portage, MI. Patrick has been with W. Soule since 2015 performing various tasks for the Safety Department. These tasks include visiting work sites and performing audits, trainings, and performing incident investigations. Other tasks have included developing procedures and policies for the Corporate Safety Manual, developing and implementing job safety analysis and site-specific safety plans, and leading Shop Safety Committees. Patrick earned a B.A. degree in Construction Management in 2012 from Central Michigan University and a B.S degree in Occupational Safety and Health in 2015 from Oakland University, earning a Graduated Safety Practitioner (GSP) at the same time. In 2018 Patrick earned the CHST certification from BCSP. Patrick has been a member of ASSP since 2013 and has held numerous positions during that time. While at Oakland University Patrick held the Vice President and President positions, the Professional Development Chair for the Great Detroit Chapter, Communications Chair and Advisory Council member for the Emerging Professional CIG. Patrick has been a part of the Future Safety Leaders Conference for 6 years. Two years as an attendee, one year as a presenter, and three years on the planning committee with one of those years as Co-Chair for the conference. In 2019 Patrick received the ASSP Emerging Professionals CIG’s SPY award and was a National Safety Council Rising Star of Safety recipient. Patrick currently resides in Kalamazoo, MI.

Platform Statement

I believe that no one knows everything. Everyone has different experiences and perspectives. Being a part of a practice specialty provides numerous opportunities to gain more knowledge of the safety industry. The Management Practice Specialty connects those who have been in the management positions for years with those that may be new to that position. Both have knowledge to gain and share with each other. That is what excites me most about being a part of a practice specialty and what I want to enhance as well. Engagement and networking are the key aspects to a community which is what the Management PS is, a community. We are a community to help each other strive in this industry. The more engagement we have with each other the stronger the community will be. Improving engagement within the practice specialty will draw more members, increasing the collective expertise of the members of the Management PS. The more expertise we have in Management level members, the more we have to offer back to the new members or those still gaining experience as managers. It will help improve the mentorship program, the quality of speakers at the PDC sponsored by our PS and increase the day to day interactions between our members on social media groups and the ASSP Community Platform. There are multiple ways we learn throughout our lives, and I believe sharing thoughts and experiences is the best way to help the professional community as a whole grow in expertise as well as professional leader.


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