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Peter J Engelbert, CSP, CIH, CHST
Position: Practice specialty Assistant Administrator-Industrial Hygiene


PEngelbert PhotoPeter J Engelbert, CSP, CIH, CHST, with over 30 years of experience, Pete Engelbert holds several safety, environmental and industrial hygiene certifications including Certified Safety Professional, Certified Industrial Hygienist, Construction Health and Safety Technician, Certified Environmental Health and Safety Trainer and others.  He is the Section President of AIHA Chicago Section, a voting member of the national AIHA Ethics Committee, voting member ANSI Z9 Committee on Ventilation and voting member of ACGH.

In addition to a BS degree in criminalistics (CSI) from Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, Pete holds a BS with concentration in Biology from Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, a BA in Geology and Mathematics from Indiana University East, a bachelorette certificate in Safety from Purdue University and a bachelorette certificate in Substance Abuse Counselling from Indiana University.  

Pete has taught at Indiana University, Purdue University and the OSHA Training Institute and is adjunct facility at the US Fire Academy.

Pete is active in the community and industry through Rotary and several standards committees, including ASTM E34 on ESH; D33 on coatings; D01 on coatings as well as formally several years on F32 for Search & Rescue, ANSI TAG work groups and ISO committees.  Pete is also board certified in coatings and corrosion science.  He is the Editorial of the seminal text in the field called Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coatings, 4th Ed.  Pete is one of two persons board certified in both ESH and coatings.

Platform Statement

My focus is to pass onto as many workers as possible the nature of and protection needed from IH hazards.  My Grandparents raised me the first 6 years of my life.  My Grand Father worked 40 years on a Borg-Warner transmission assembly line repairing the line itself.  He was the youngest of 8 children born to a fireman.  He would regale me with stories from his youth; the first cars coming to his town, sliding down the firepole at his Father’s station house.  A fireman’s pay is low and each of the 8 children only received one gift in their childhood.  My Grand Father’s gift was a set of cowboy cap guns with leather holsters.  At 6 years old he stood on the street corner in his hat and shot everyone that came by with his cap guns.  In gained the name Pistol Pete from Willard Street.  Several years after his mandated retirement, at the age of 82, he helped the roofers he hired by carrying bundles of shingles up a ladder.  He was very fit, for any age.  Over the next few years his health deteriorated.  He wasted and was on oxygen 24/7.

I stopped into to visit him and we sat at his kitchen table and I asked what he cleaned his tools with.  His answer, Benzene.  If he didn’t have it in stock, he used carbon tetrachloride.  I asked if he used a respirator or gloves.  He said no, it smelled good and they washed their hands with it.  I had to tell my Grand Father that his job killed him, it just took a while.

My goal is to make as many workers and their safety personnel aware of IH hazards that they now overlook.  That little bit, every day, does make a difference. 


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