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Steven T. Guillory Jr., M.S., CSP, IPMA-SCP, CPM
Position: Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator – Public Sector


SGuillory photo 2Steven T. Guillory Jr., M.S., CSP, REM, IPMA-SCP, CPM, has over a decade of service dedicated to occupational safety in the public sector. He has an extensive academic background and hands-on career experience enhancing safety processes to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries, thereby protecting the well-being of employees and residents of Houston and saving the City of Houston money.

Steven is a steadfast advocate of safety education. He earned a graduate certificate in environmental policy and management at the University of Denver and an M.S. in Safety Sciences at East Carolina University, and he is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Safety Sciences from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Steven serves as vice chair on the board of directors of the Institute of Safety and Health Management and technical question/member content coordinator for ASSP Blacks in Safety Excellence Common Interest Group.

Steven has built a career promoting a culture of safety and accountability at the City of Houston. Prior to his current role, Steven applied his expertise to two of the largest and most safety-critical departments in the city, the Houston airport system and Houston Public Works. He was promoted to safety manager of the Human Resources Department, where he increases employee awareness of the value and necessity of workplace safety; improves processes for the identification and quantification of safety hazards; and leverages technological solutions for incident and injury prevention.

Platform Statement

My vision for the ASSP Public Sector Practice Specialty is to become an advocate and resource for all safety professionals serving the public sector.

My 12 years of experience have shown that public sector safety professionals face a different set of monetary, regulatory and political challenges than their private sector counterparts.

As assistant administrator of the Public Sector Practice Specialty, I will enhance awareness of occupational safety and health specific to the public sector and boost the group's endeavors to identify and provide solutions to overcome inherent occupational health and safety obstacles.

For example, I would develop training and promote adoption of the ANSI/ASSP Z10 and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management systems, as well as the NIOSH Total Worker Health


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ISO 45001 Standard

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