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Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, CIT

Position: Director-At-Large



Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, CIT career in safety began 28 years ago as a marine in Operation Desert Storm, assisting contractors putting out oil fires. After leaving the military, Tim was awarded the ASSP Society Wide Safety Professional of the Year in 2018.  Tim also received the National Safety Council’s Distinguished Service to Safety Award (DSSA).  Tim is currently the Region II Vice President for ASSP, is the CEO of Total Safety Compliance, Lectures for Central Washington University and is a Senior Consultant with the SafeStart team.

Mr. Page-Bottorff is the Regional Vice President for Region II, The Deputy Vice President of CORA,  a member of the Finance Committee, the Secretary of the Training and Communications practice specialty and on the Standards Committee for ANSI Z490.2.

Mr. Page-Bottorff is considered a thought leader by his peers in instructional design and delivery of health and safety training programs. Tim instructs for Total Safety Compliance, SafeStart, The OSHA Training Institute at UCSD and several other customers globally. He is currently lecturing in the Occupational Health and Safety Management Program at Central Washington University.

Mr. Page-Bottorff is the author of, “Safety Health and Security in Wastewater Systems” and is the author of the “Core of Four”, a motivational book to improve human performance.

Mr. Page-Bottorff has a BS in Business Management and is wrapping up his master’s degree in OSH Management at Central Washington University

Platform Statement

A good platform must be sturdy, adequate and strong enough to support whatever weight is placed on it.  Similarly, as a Marine Corps Veteran and experienced ASSP volunteer leader, I will bring strength of vision and purpose to the Board.   Beyond these attributes, if elected as Director at Large, other strengths I bring are an agile mind, a strategic focus and a friendly approach to problem solving. Ways I would help the society be more agile are to encourage the development of new ideas for revenue sources and provide leadership in regard to product development and innovation.  I will also encourage more strategic collaboration with common interest groups and the practice specialties, and work to assure that we listen, and ALL voices are heard and that we collaborate to shape the future of the profession.

If elected as a Director at Large, I hope to expand the mentorship program and facilitate many of these amazing stories on how we got to be safety professionals.  And, through this mentoring process, provide a clearer pathway forward for others. 

Should I be elected, I will suggest a play on an old quote, “ask not what your community can do for you, but what can you do for your community.”  Through this theme we will become more focused on achieving increased and elevated engagement from our membership and defining what elevated engagement really means.  With my experience on the Society Finance Committee for the last 3 years, serving on CORA for the last 6 years, including being the Regional Vice President of Region II, and my experience on other councils and committee I will work hard to support the strategic vision set out by the board, but I will work harder to communicate that vision to the membership.


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