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NIOSH Releases Hazard Recognition Simulator for Aerial Lift Operators

Jun 20, 2016

niosh-releases-hazard-recognition_062016NIOSH has developed an aerial lift hazard recognition simulator to help potential aerial lift operators acclimate to aerial lift operation and to identify the common occupational hazards that can be present during use, such as depressions, crushing hazards, tip over hazards and others. 

The user may then select the type of aerial lift scenario s/he wishes to use (only the scissor lift is available at this time). Once the simulator has been launched, the user will be instructed to position the lift in the appropriate area while avoiding the hazards present.

The user will maneuver the lift by operating the keyboard/mouse controls, and will follow the green arrows with the goal of aligning the platform of the driven lift with the transparent lift platforms visible at various locations in the simulated work area. A notification will be given when each target area has been reached successfully. The user will finish the simulator scenario by parking the lift at the final location.

Try the simulator at NIOSH's Fall Injuries Prevention in the Workplace page.

Originally published June 26, 2016.


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