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Secure Chapter Valuables

May 11, 2018
The vehicle of a member of the Gulf Coast Chapter’s Executive Committee was broken into while locked and parked. That member's ASSP kit, containing the chapter’s checkbook, petty cash box, credit card scanners, iPad, previous month’s sign-in sheets and other valuable items were stolen.

Thankfully, the member responded quickly, obtaining a police report, notifying other chapter leaders and working with the bank to prevent fraudulent charges.

EddieThe following day, Eddie Cornelius of DCP Midstream found the checks and checkbook scattered over a back road and surrounding fields. He and his colleague went above and beyond, taking time out of their busy day to collect the papers and return them to the chapter.

This incident should remind us all to not store valuables in our vehicles. Thieves can break windows and pick locks, so the safest place is with you or securely stored in a safe place.

In addition, remember the best practice of scanning valuable documents so you have backups should the hard copies be lost.


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