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Accessing Your Chapter Roster

Jul 15, 2018

Chapter officers use their chapter’s roster to monitor their member lists, communicate with members, and to track new or lost members. 

Here are some important notes about using the roster tool:

  • Chapter rosters contain members’ most up-to-date contact information and preferences. Download a new roster each time you need to access information about your members.
  • Our communications policy is outlined in the roster tool. All chapter officers are required to follow this policy to protect ASSP members’ privacy.

To access your chapter’s rosters, click the My Groups tab in your member profile.

For detailed instructions with step-by-step screenshots on how to access, view, sort and download your chapter’s roster as a spreadsheet, visit the chapter roster page in Community Leader Resources.

The information contained on the roster is what members have reported to ASSP. If a member reports any updates to you, please forward this information ASSP's Chapter Services team.

If you have any questions about the tool or communications policy, please contact ASSP’s Chapter Services team.


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