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Transitioning Your Chapter’s Technology

Jul 15, 2018

As your chapter transitions its leadership team, remember to transition your chapter’s online tools, as well.

For questions, training and additional support now or anytime during the year, contact Chapter Web Updates.

Chapter Website

Update the information on your website’s chapter officers page, including the name and contact information for each officer.

Add an image (150 pixels wide by 150 pixels high) of the person in each officer role. If you do not have a photo, keep the ASSP placeholder instead, as leaving the photo space blank will break the page layout and make it harder for current and potential members to find your information using search engines.

Chapter Email Accounts

ASSP provides and strongly encourages chapters to use role-specific e-mail addresses as part of the chapter web hosting agreement. These email addresses provide added security for chapter leaders and helps ease the transition to new leaders each year.

Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth transition of your chapter email accounts:

Outgoing Officers

  1. Archive emails from the previous year to allow your successor to easily view previous emails. Sign into your account at From the left banner, right click on Inbox and select New Folder. In the pop-up box, title the new folder 2017-2018 archive. Remove nonessential or duplicate emails from your inbox and sent folder, and drag all remaining emails into your newly created folder.
  2. Remove your information from the account to enable incoming officers to take the reins. On the main mail screen, click the gear icon (Settings) from the top banner. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and delete your email address from the forwarding address field. Go back to the top of that same page and click Change Password to change your password to AmericanSocietySafetyProfessionals2018! (including the !).

Incoming Officers

  1. Sign into your new email account at using your email address (e.g., and AmericanSocietySafetyProfessionals2018! as the password.
  2. Add your information to the account. On the main mail screen, go to the top banner and click on the gear icon (Settings). Update the account with your name, enter the personal or business email you would like to have your ASSP emails forwarded to in the forwarding address field, and use the change password button to create a your new password for the account.

Chapter Email Service

ASSP strongly encourages all chapters to utilize a commercial email service to ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations and industry best practices when communicating with chapter members. Chapters with an ASSP web hosting agreement have access to a free Real Magnet commercial email service account. Be sure to make time for training on using this service during your officer transition meeting.

Be Cyber-Security Aware

ASSP chapters have reported being targets of spear-phishing attacks in which an email scammer poses as a chapter officer requesting payment to a vendor for unspecified services. ASSP sends regular alerts about these attacks and how to avoid falling victim to fraud, but each email user must be vigilant.

As you begin the year, be sure to talk with your leadership team about expectations and protocol for email communications and financial management practices to help everyone spot these attacks more easily.
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