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Protect Your Chapter From Spear-Phishing Attacks

Aug 03, 2018

ASSP chapters and regions are seeing an increase in spear-phishing attacks and these scams are becoming more sophisticated. Every e-mail user must be vigilant to protect your chapter from spear-phishing attacks.

Spear-phishing messages are targeted messages that appear to come from a trusted source, likely someone you (the target) know personally and often someone in a position of authority.

In a recent case, a member of a chapter’s executive committee received an official-looking e-mail from another executive committee member asking for a money transfer to pay a vendor. The signature in the body of the message included the “sender’s” actual email address.

If a colleague or friend contact you and asks for a money transfer, password or other information, please verify that the e-mail address in the from field of the message (not just the body of the message) matches the one the sender usually uses to contact you. Call or send a separate email to the person to verify if that person actually contacted you.
Martin Currie
The Region VII treasurer has been receiving these attacks since December 2017 and continue to receive 


As part of ASSP’s web hosting account, each chapter and region is offered and encouraged to use role-specific e-mail addresses.

While the plain text in the from field can be manipulated, actual e-mail addresses cannot be spoofed. With a role-specific ASSP e-mail address, you will see @[your chapter’s name] in the e-mail address when you click reply.

Using ASSP e-mails will also protect your personal information and ease the officer transition each year.  We also create and update our spam filters to block these type of messages.


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