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Meet Sjonneke Jones, BISE Volunteer Leader

Sep 06, 2018

Sjonneke Jones, CSP, REM, is a member of our Advisory Committee, serving as local chapter liaison. She works for Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemicals Inc., where she provides functional OSH support services for oil, gas and chemical projects, develops project OSH management system and field processes, facilitates coordination of project proposals and front-end engineering risk assessments and planning, conducts safety leadership workshops for project sites, supports corporate OSH assessments, and provide OSH oversight of Bechtel Equipment Operations, Offshore Business Line, and the Welding and Applied Technology Center.

Asked to share some advice with safety professionals, Jones offers these tips:

  • Be an avid reader. The core of the safety industry is people. As professionals, we must be zealous in the desire to protect people from at-risk conditions and behaviors.
  • Invest in yourself. Seek and attend opportunities to be more versatile in the industry.
  • Suit up. Dress the part of a professional, even if you work predominately in the field (outside).
  • Educate others. Don’t be the safety police or the safety guy/gal. Be the provider for safer choices — a safety resource.
Kevin Slates
Welcome to the BISE Advisory Board Sjonneke  I look forward to working with you to add value to our members. Your work with the local ASSP Chapters is vital to disseminating BISE activities and professional development events.


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