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Engage and Retain Members With Recognition

Oct 11, 2018

Recognition is a strong way to invite members to connect with your chapter and get more involved. Whether helping them celebrate a recent achievement like a new promotion or earning their CSP, or thanking volunteers for a job well done, recognition brings members into your chapter community.

Looking for great recognition ideas? Try:

  • Recognition ceremonies
  • Nominations for you chapter’s SPY, a regional SPY or a Society award
  • Rewards for hours of service
  • Selection for advanced leadership role or training
  • Certificates of recognition
  • Thank you gifts like plaques or ASSP gear

You set an example with your chapter’s recognition program. Recognizing the good work of others is an important leadership skill. When you recognize your members for their achievements and contributions, you are honing your own skills, as well as modeling the kind of leadership that is expected in your chapter for those that will follow you.


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