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Know Your Roster, Know Your Members

Oct 11, 2018

Your chapter roster is a great tool to learn more about your members as you connect with them. In addition to helpful information like names and contact information, your chapter roster can show you:

  • When your members joined ASSP. The Join Date column is a great place to watch for new members to welcome, while the Member Years column summarizes how long your existing members have been with the organization.
  • When it’s time for your members to renew their dues. The Dues Expire Date column helps you know when to check in with your members and encourage them to renew to take advantage of upcoming opportunities with the chapter.
  • What other ASSP communities your members belong to. The PSP column lists which practice specialty and common interest group communities members are part of. This can help you identify ideas for programming that would appeal to members and be a resource of great connections when your chapter is looking to partner with another ASSP community.

For more information, including step-by-step instructions for accessing your roster, visit the Chapter Rosters information page in Community Leader Resources.


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