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Add Publications to Your Resume

Oct 15, 2018

Although life on campus keeps you busy with schoolwork and extracurricular activities, it’s not too early to look for ways to add important skills to your resume. Adding a “Publications” section can give you a competitive edge in finding a job after graduation. An easy way to start writing for publication is to review a book or an article.

Think about a safety-focused book or article you’ve recently read that changed your perspective or understanding of an issue. Are you a member of a student book club? Consider your response to the book of the month. Or think about a book you’ve recommended to a peer. Turn that response or recommendation into a review and submit it for publication.

Through Professional Safety, you can share your perspective on books and articles in the journal’s Worth Reading section. Book reviews are typically 250 to 800 words. Our book review guidelines provide several starter questions to help guide your evaluation.

If you are looking for a book to review, let us know your interests or area of expertise and we may be able to find a book for you. Contact the PSJ editors for more information.


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