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Don't Miss Your ASSP Graduation Gift

Apr 18, 2019

If you graduated in 2019 or are due to graduate by June, you automatically receive one free year of regular membership as our graduation gift to you.

If you graduation date is approaching, please take these two simple steps to make sure you receive your gift:

  • Call our student services team at (847) 699-2929 or send us an email if your graduation date has changed since your original ASSP application.
  • Log in to the ASSP website, then click on My Account (top right of the screen). Then select Edit next to your name and address and/or email address.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Be sure to take advantage of your free year of membership to stay involved as you and embark on your safety career!

Sarah Jewel Morgan
I will be graduating in December 2019. My name is Sarah Morgan and I'm a student member of the Tulsa ASSP. Thank you.
Demarco White
I will be graduating in February 2022. My name is DeMarco L. White and I'm a student member of the North Carolina ASSP. Thank you. 


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