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Support Your Local Military Members

Sep 12, 2019

ASSP is proud to support the safety professionals of the U.S. military More than 1,000 safety professionals from the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard are involved with ASSP, and more than 240 safety professionals from the U.S. Army joined in August 2019.

ASSP continues to grow these relationships, and your local chapter can help. Please reach out and welcome them to your chapter events. Like you, safety leaders from the U.S. Military want to access ASSP education, networking, and professional growth. They are interested in learning best practices from the private sector. They also have a great deal of expertise to share. While some of their experience is unique, you will find many common interests with service members.

Here are a few action items for your chapter to consider:

  • Mentoring a new safety professional from the military
  • Co-present at a chapter event with a military safety professional
  • Host a chapter event in partnership with your local military base
  • Seek volunteer opportunities for your chapter through your military partners
  • Host an ASSP course and invite members of the military 


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