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Welcome Wayne State College Student Section

Sep 16, 2019

Members of ASSP student section at Wayne State CollegeEarlier this year, two students at Wayne State College in Wayne, NE, expressed an interest in forming a student section. They wanted to interact with safety professionals and answer the question, “Did I make the right career choice?”

The students set up the section, then worked to be ready to fully launch when students returned to school for the fall 2019 semester. The section has 12 members and a few more are expected to join in the coming months.

During their initial meetings, the group has focused on creating a list of traditions they want to be known for around campus. Having a strong image on campus is important and they are working on how to ensure long-term sustainability. “Our section will stand apart because of the quality of our students,” the group says.

Join us in welcoming the section of our Great Plains Chapter. The section's faculty advisor is associate professor Jeff Allen, Ed.D.

Gregory Santo

"Did I make the right career choice" is a great question and one that deserves a careful and thoughtful analysis for an answer.

1.  Do you like being part of a management process that identifies risk, examines processes, and can find a way to do the task where the heath and safety of you co-worker is preserved and protected.

2. Are you ready to employ elements of mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, preventive medicine, psychology, human resources, business management, business administration, statistics, biology ... and I'm certain I am missing other educational disciplines in the pursuit of knowledge and application of occupational health and safety.

3. Do you want to demonstrate the empathy towards your fellow workers and helping them make a safer and ore productive workplace. 

If the answer is yes to these questions ... you made the right choice. BTW ... Safety has to be a passion, a calling; a way of life.


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