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2020 Society Election: New Campaign Rules

Feb 12, 2020

The final slate for the 2020 ASSP elections is now available!

Recently, our Board of Directors approved a revision to campaign guidelines (Society Operating Guideline 6.35) for candidates. As an ASSP leader, please become familiar with these guidelines.

The new guidelines enable candidates and leaders to more openly discuss a member’s candidacy. By allowing members to more openly discuss their candidacy for elected office, relying on our Code of Professional Conduct as a guideline for ensuring fair, professional and respectful behavior, and requiring a focus on one’s own platform, we expect to see increased member interest in candidates and, thereby, grow voter participation.

ASSP chapters, practice specialties and common interest groups and their leaders are prohibited from endorsing a candidate. However, we encourage you to promote the election and candidates.

If you have any questions, please contact our governance team.


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