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Chapter Operations Management Tool Survey Results

Feb 12, 2020

Our Chapter Operations Committee recently surveyed chapter leaders about the chapter operations management tool. Chapters use this tool that chapters use to plan chapter activities, track progress and earn recognition.

Through the tool, we aim to help our chapter communities:

  1. Capture the value they deliver to members as outlined in Society Operating Guideline 8.10 and the revised chapter formation criteriaM
  2. Maximize current technology
  3. Receive effective, timely communication
  4. Align recognition with documented delivery of member value

Survey Results

We appreciate the input received as we continue to support your efforts to deliver the greatest value. Let's take a look at what you had to say.

Capturing Chapter Value

  • Beyond fulfilling the requirement to submit an annual report, the connection between the chapter operations management tool and chapter charter requirements needs to be more clear.
  • The connection between response items in the tool and what kinds of activities best serve members needs to be more clear.
  • Chapter leaders would prefer a simplified tool.

Maximizing Current Technology

  • Ease of navigation is a top concern among chapter leaders.
  • Chapter leaders would prefer streamlined access to the tool.

Effective and Timely Communication

  • Chapter leaders would like more information about the tool, how it relates to serving members and meeting chapter goals, and what changes are implemented each year.
  • We can increase use of and satisfaction with the tool by building awareness of it among members.
  • Area directors and region vice presidents can help improve communications.

Aligning Recognition With Documented Delivery of Member Value

  • Chapter leaders see recognition levels as indication that a certain level of service has been provided to members.
  • The current point system needs better balance in terms of attainability and reward for particular activities.
  • More communication about the recognition program is needed.

Next Steps

Based on these results and input from other stakeholders, the Chapter Operations Committee is developing recommendations to improve the tool. The Council on Region Affairs will then review the recommendations and approved changes will become effective for the 2020-21 chapter year.

Contact your regional vice president for questions and updates.


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