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Safety News You Need: Manufacturing Safety

Jul 17, 2020

Glass medicine bottles on a conveyor belt The world of manufacturing encompasses many different types of businesses and products, each that creates unique hazards and risks. This week’s Safety News You Need highlights resources to help you address the many safety and health challenges in these working environments.

  • COVID-19 creates unique safety and health challenges to the manufacturing industry. What will manufacturing look like in a post-pandemic world? Follow these tips to help ensure your workers stay safe and healthy well into the future. Read more
  • Automation continues to change the way that manufacturers operate. While these advances in technology have their advantages, they are not without risks. Learn how you can protect your workers in environments with increasing levels of automation. Read more
  • Controlling hazardous energy is a major safety concern in manufacturing environments. Follow these four steps to develop a program that establishes energy control procedures, effectively trains your workers and periodically assesses effectiveness. Learn more
  • Proper machine guarding is essential to worker safety in any manufacturing environment. Learn the hazards associated with different types of machines, review how those hazards can be mitigated, and understand roles and responsibilities for properly guarding every piece of machinery. Read more
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