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Safety News You Need: Ladder Safety

Aug 07, 2020

Approximately 20% of workplace falls involve ladders, according to NIOSH.Worker walking up a ladder This week’s Safety News You Need includes resources on how to properly set up, climb and work safely while on a ladder.

  • One crucial element of ladder safety is knowing which type of ladder to use for different tasks. Know how to choose the right ladder for the job and how to properly maintain ladders your workers use. Learn more
  • After you’ve selected the right ladder, you have to know how to work safely while on it. Following these dos and don’ts can help your workers stay safe when they use a ladder. Read more
  • Beyond the potential for injury, falls from ladders can affect workers’ mental well-being. A recent study examined the psychological effects of ladder falls and what can be done to improve safety. Learn more
  • Using a ladder on a construction site poses hazards that may not exist in other workplaces. Follow these six tips to help your workers stay safe while operating on ladders on the job site. Learn more
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