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Safety News You Need: Safety Management Systems

Aug 27, 2020

Whether you realize it or not, you have a safety management systemSupervisor inspecting work at building site at your workplace. The key to preventing worker injuries and fatalities is continually improving that system by identifying gaps and taking corrective actions. This week’s Safety News You Need features resources to help you establish a system that will keep workers safe now and into the future.

  • You may think that improving your safety management system is an expensive, complicated, time-consuming process, but that need not be the case. Learn the truth about three of the most common myths about safety management systems. Read more
  • The plan-do-check-act model provides a foundation for managing change in any size organization. The framework can help you identify areas of opportunity for your safety management system, analyze its effectiveness and improve it moving forward. Learn more
  • Effective safety management requires an organization commitment to develop processes, procedures, training and communication to create a positive safety culture. Remember these four key components as you develop, implement and improve your safety management system. Read more
  • There are many elements to keep track of and document for your safety management system to be as effective as possible. This OSHA checklist can help you account for every step on the path to continuous safety improvement. 
    Learn more
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