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Safety News You Need: Safety and Health Metrics

Oct 02, 2020

To continually improve safety and health, you have to measure performance. By examiningBusinesswoman looking at charts on laptop key performance indicators (KPIs), you can develop a detailed picture of the effectiveness of your safety and health management system, and where you may be able to improve. This week’s Safety News You Need features tools to help you measure safety and health performance, identify gaps and take corrective action.

  • Safety measurement requires a balance of leading indiactors and lagging indicators to gather an accurate reflection of performance. Learn how each type of metric can help you improve your safety and health management system and the data that each provides. Read more
  • Establishing KPIs is a first step to knowing what you want to achieve and what it will take to reach those goals. These seven KPIs can provide valuable data for improving your management system and put you on a path toward continuous safety improvement. Learn more
  • Auditing your system allows you to assess your performance against KPIs to identify what aspects of the system are on track and which areas need to improve. Learn the importance of benchmarking to the audit process and how to develop a benchmarking plan. Read more
  • A safety scorecard is a simple, valuable tool for tracking performance against safety and health goals. Learn the other benefits a scorecard can bring as you work to improve your safety and health management system and identify KPIs. Read more
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