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Safety News You Need: Confined Space Safety

Nov 12, 2020

Confined spaces are potentially hazardous working environments. Workers’ safety dependsConfined space and ladder on proper planning and implementation of protective measures to enable them to enter, operate in and exit the space in a safe manner. This week’s Safety News You Need features tools to familiarize you with confined spaces and how to help workers safely operate within them. 

  • To ensure workers exit a confined space safely, you first must understand what confined spaces are and the hazards that may be present. This guide explains the different types of confined spaces and the conditions present within them. Read more
  • You must take several steps when entering and working in a confined space. This checklist outlines those steps. Learn more
  • Confined spaces are generally divided into two categories: permit-required and non-permit required. Learn the difference between these two classifications and how to know when you need a permit to enter a confined space. Learn more
  • A key element of confined space safety is knowing how to respond when things go wrong. Taking these steps can help you confirm you have the resources and equipment in place to conduct a confined space rescue. Read more
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ANSI/ASSP A10.43-2016 Confined Spaces in Construction and Demolition Operations - Standard
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Guidelines for Hot Work in Confined Spaces: Recommended practices for industrial hygienists and safety professionals – Publication


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