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Community Leader Update: Sponsored Conference Session Changes

Jul 01, 2021
As ASSP continues to evaluate the strategic direction of the organization and the annual professional development conference, community-sponsored sessions have been discontinued. Here's some additional information about this change.

1. Why aren't there community-sponsored sessions at the annual conference? 

The decision to discontinue community-sponsored sessions was made for two reasons:
    • All sessions at the annual conference are aligned with attendee interests rooted in research around key topics.
    • ASSP is focusing resources to achieve three goals:
    • Meet plan and manage cash
    • Develop new products and identify business opportunities
    • Evolve ASSP governance

    2. How can practice specialties and common interest groups promote sessions? 

    Each community can continue to provide value by promoting sessions presented by members of their community. To help with this process, we will provide on request (one per community) a list of sessions to leaders to help you promote awareness within your virtual community.

    3. Will this affect session selection?

    This change will have minimal impact on the session selection process. All proposals to speak are evaluated based on the merit of the topic and presenter, with 60% of the criteria related the content of the presentation. Those sessions sponsored by communities received minimal additional weighting (less than 10%).

    If you have any questions, please contact our communities team.


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