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Delegates’ Votes Signal Change

Bradley D. Giles, P.E., CSP, STS, FASSP, GIOSH, 2021-2022 ASSP President
Apr 01, 2022
Brad Giles

Our House of Delegates (HOD) recently approved two motions that signal significant change for ASSP:

    1. The HOD approved revisions to the ASSP bylaws that will see that body transition to become a board-standing committee known as the Advisory Group.
    2. The Board of Directors was given the authority to sell ASSP’s headquarters building in Park Ridge, IL, and lease smaller office space.

Improved Influence, Inclusivity, Business Agility & Value

I know you might be wondering what these changes mean to you and your ASSP membership. I like to think about them in terms of influence, agility, inclusivity and value. These decisions affect how ASSP does business, shows up in the marketplace, advocates on our behalf, delivers value to members and other stakeholders, and supports our staff.

Through the governance change, we are elevating member voice and creating more inclusive opportunities for you to be heard and have input that will influence the Society’s direction. As a proactive standing board committee, the Advisory Group will be continuously involved in sharing insight and feedback that informs board decisions. The group not only will help shape the Society but also will affect how we impact the OSH profession. Through this process, we will deliver greater value to you and the organizations you support.

The governance change also establishes clear decision-making accountability that enables the Board of Directors to fully meet its legal and fiduciary responsibilities. As a result, we will be better positioned to address the needs of members, the OSH profession, and the companies and workforces you support. This improved business agility will allow ASSP to respond more quickly and effectively to competitive pressures as well.

Our goals were to modernize the Society’s governance, systems and structures so we can make business decisions more swiftly and deliver member value more efficiently and in ways that are more inclusive. Thanks to the contributions and support of many individuals, including our task force, delegates, volunteer leaders, board members and staff, ASSP has taken the important step needed to achieve those goals and position the Society for sustained success.

During our last governance change in 2015, we committed to continuously improve our governance to align with best practices in association management. We will continue this commitment to governance review and improvement as we work with the Advisory Group.

With regard to selling ASSP’s headquarters office, you will continue to receive the high-quality services, products and experiences you expect from ASSP. Owning a building is not critical to the Society’s mission or strategic plan. Our staff has not missed a beat since the pandemic forced a remote work environment, and they continue to express their desire for greater work flexibility. Selling the building will also allow us to reinvest in other critical areas and help us control operating expenses in challenging economic times.

As I wrote in my August 2021 message on governance, change is never easy. But our willingness to think differently and our courage to act differently will help us create a better future for ASSP and our profession. I am deeply grateful for and appreciative of your dedication and commitment to the Society.


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