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Modernizing ASSP's Association Governance: Positioning Society of Future Success

Aug 30, 2021

ASSP governance impacts how the Society does business and shows up in the marketplace while advocating on behalf of its members and delivering value to members and other stakeholders.

The need to modernize this structure has led to a proposal to make several changes, including a transition of the House of Delegates to an at-large advisory group. It also addresses a range of business needs, including providing for greater decision-making agility, removing divided authority that creates complications under Illinois state law and ensuring strong checks and balances across the organization.

ASSP CEO Jennifer McNelly, CAE, recently spoke with ASSP At-Large Director Thom Kramer, P.E., CSP, to get his perspectives on the proposal to modernize ASSP’s association governance.

Why Does Modern Association Governance Matter for ASSP?

The Role of Governance

To remain strong in a rapidly changing world, our governance model must provide business agility and create clear decision-making accountability while creating a year-round opportunity for member voice to inform and influence Society decisions.

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