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Become an author for American Society of Safety Professionals — a leading publisher of books on occupational safety and health (OSH) industry topics — whether it’s for a book idea you suggest or a book idea generated by ASSP.

About ASSP Books

ASSP’s technical publications cover every facet of safety — from incident investigation, to exam preparation materials, to the best in safety management. ASSP is dedicated to publishing the resources needed by any OSH professional — a goal made possible in part by our leading OSH experts are willing to author publications rich with knowledge and guidance that stems from years of experience in the field.

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Suggested Content

Do you have an idea or a new approach to a subject in the occupational safety and health field? We are looking to partner with experts in such areas as occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene, risk management, emergency preparedness, construction, fire protection, ergonomics, safety management or similar fields.

Submission Guidelines

Step One: Send ASSP Your Proposal

Complete the ASSP Book Proposal Form, including the following information:

  • Synopsis of project, 2 or 3 paragraphs about objectives and audience
  • Special features that make the book unique or of interest to readers
  • Marketing information, such as potential competitive products
  • Detailed chapter outline or table of contents to demonstrate what content will be included and how it will be organized
  • Sample section or chapter, if possible, but do not send the entire manuscript unless requested
  • List of co-authors or contributors, if known

Please also attach a copy of your CV or resume when submitting your proposal.

Step Two: Proposal Review

ASSP's Technical Publications staff will review your proposal, then share it with our Technical Publications Advisory Committee if the concept is considered viable for review. The committee consists of experts in various fields of safety management and engineering. The committee will review the concept for content, format, approach and marketability. If additional information is necessary, ASSP staff will contact you with specific questions or areas of concern. Within a month to 6 weeks, the committee will return its findings to ASSP staff.

Step Three: Proposal Acceptance or Dismissal

The Technical Publications Advisory Committee will vote to approve or disapprove the concept and generate a concept review summary that leads to three possible outcomes:

  1. Proposal is approved as submitted, and the you receive go-ahead to produce the manuscript
  2. Proposal is approved but with recommendations or modifications from the committee on how to expand or further concentrate the topic
  3. Proposal is rejected, for reasons given by the committee (such as underdevelopment of concept, or similarities to other current titles in the market)

If the committee recommends a proposal be modified or rejects it, the author can then alter the proposal or concept accordingly, then submit the revised proposal for reconsideration. Authors may only resubmit a proposal once; if the resubmission is rejected a second time, the project is dismissed and will not be reconsidered.

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