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ASSP’s Carl Heinlein Featured on Radio Show

Sep 01, 2019

Cincinnati Edition is a radio show that covers topics such as regional government, business, education, health, technology and the arts. A recent episode discusses the effect of cell phone use on productivity and safety at workplaces. ASSP's Director-at-Large, Carl Heinlein, CSP, OHST, ARM, CPEA, CRIS, CSHM, STSC, joined the show to discuss how cell phone use affects safety and the possibility of future regulation.

"As we are having this conversation I'm overlooking a construction site right now, and there are multiple pieces of moving equipment, there are multiple different subcontractors on the project," says Heinlein. "I think what's happening is that it's not always regulation that moves the fastest, its sometimes the contractors and how they are taking a look at how they can address it faster. I think you're going to see more and more conversation and in some cases you may see some legislation or bills or something of that nature but we are seeing organizations and owners that starting to say, 'no cell phones on our jobs, no cell phones while walking.'"

Listen to the discussion.

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