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ASSP’s Military Branch Now a Practice Specialty

Sep 01, 2019

SU_MilitaryPSThe former Military Branch of the Public Sector Practice Specialty recently became its own practice specialty after approval from ASSP’s Board of Directors. With more than 1,200 members, the Military Practice Specialty is ASSP’s 19th practice specialty and is the first new addition since 2013.

The practice specialty offers networking opportunities via social media groups, conference calls and in-person meetings such as the annual Professional Development Conference so members can connect with top industry professionals. It also provides safety-related, military-focused content and information that you can immediately implement and share with employers and colleagues to create safe, productive work environments.

The practice specialty also provides professional development opportunities including military- and OSH-focused education; mentor relationships that facilitate the sharing of knowledge; and volunteer and leadership opportunities to build your skills and enhance your resume.

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