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Certification Institute FAQs

When considering certification to an industry consensus standard, many questions may come to mind. Why should I certify? What benefits will it provide my business? How long does the process take? The FAQs below offer guidance on those and other questions related to certification and the ASSP Certification & Accreditation Institute.

  • Why did ASSP decide to launch an accreditation institute?

  • What will the accreditation institute offer?

  • What will differentiate the ASSP Certification & Accreditation Institute from similar offerings already in the market?

  • Why should an organization certify to a recognized consensus standard?

  • How will ISO 45001 certification help your business?

  • How else can certification help a company?

  • Is ISO 45001 certification required to enter certain markets?

  • How can I get a copy of 45001 to understand the requirements?

  • How does the certification process work?

  • Do clients have to periodically recertify after the initial certification?

  • Is the accreditation institute looking into additional offerings in the future?

  • How can someone learn more about the accreditation institute?

  • Who should people contact if they are interested in getting certified?

  • Can you recommend any organizations or people to talk to prepare for the audit?


President's Message

Read the ASSP president's thoughts on the safety profession.

ISO 45001 Standard

This game-changing standard provides a global foundation for worker safety.