Scope and Functions of the Professional Safety Position (Z590.2)


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To be valued at your organization and to improve its loss prevention program, your role as a safety professional must be fully understood and empowered. This is only possible if standards for your role are in place.

What Is This Standard

For the safety profession, the ANSI/ASSP Z590.2 standard establishes core competencies, discusses certifications, credentials and levels of qualifications, and learning support resources, including, but not limited to: competency, performance assessments, outcomes and measurement.

Z390Why Use This Standard

Having a standard that defines your role and responsibilities as a safety professional helps both you and your organization understand the potential value of the position. This standard highlights professional safety positions as advisory roles that require technical expertise in loss prevention, an understanding of legislative and regulatory requirements, and ethics so you understand how to serve your organization, and your organization understands how to best utilize your knowledge and capture your value.

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