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Michael Wolf, CSP

Position:  Region VI Vice President


m_wolfMichael Wolf, CSP, BA currently serves as an EHS Manager for an organization in the Baltimore Area.  Over the past 25 years in the EHS field, he has held leadership EHS roles in a variety of different industries (Motorcycle Manufacturing, DOD Contracting…).

Though, Mike is most proud of his volunteer experience.  As a current and active member of the local ASSP Chesapeake chapter, he was honored to serve in several capacities, both elected and appointed.  They include being appointed to Newsletter & Social Media Chair.  Through hard work and the support of the chapter and his family, Mike was progressed/elected to executive board positions as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President.  He was honored to be named the chapter’s Safety Professional of the Year in 2013 and currently serves as the chapter’s 2nd Vice President – Communications and Newsletter.

At the regional level, Mike has served as Region VI Vice President 2014-16.  The accomplishments he’s most proud of include the introduction and implementation of the COMT as well as optimizing chapter online tools.  He was also appointed to other regional roles in the past including the following:  Region VI Deputy Vice President under RVP Vince Miller (assisting the RVP in all duties, including the region’s Nominations and Elections process); Assistant RVP Practice Specialties & Common Interest Groups under Julian Mercer (managing the interest of Region VI members in the PSs and CIGs); Chapter Operations Committee Chair (by facilitating the development of tools and resources to complement the education and training of chapter and section officers).

At the national level, his service to the Society includes various leadership roles.  Mike led the Leadership Conference planning committee as Chair/Co-Chair 2016-20 where we continued the commitment to community leaders providing them with tools and knowledge to improve member experience.

Mike had the opportunity to serve on the Foundation Scholarship Review Committee 2019 where he was responsible for reviewing and scoring scholarship and educational grant candidates based on a set of agreed upon criteria.  He found great pleasure in doing so and helped secure funding for ASSP professionals and student members to advance careers and OSH knowledge.

Platform Statement

My main objective is to continue to serve Region VI and its membership.  That includes facilitating each chapter’s executive committee in providing the best possible membership experience to all its members. ASSP has a myriad of incredibly useful resources for chapter leaders.  Through my experience as Past Region VI VP and Chair of Chapter Ops Committee, I bring intimate knowledge of many of them, as I was part of the teams that helped develop them. This would be my second term as Region VI VP.  And because of that, I consider my first term to have been fabulous on-the-job experience, which will allow me to hit the ground running and have immediate impact on member experience.  Longer term goals include improving the communication, understanding, interactions, and relationships between Chapters, Practice Specialties, and Common Interest Groups. There are resources and synergisms within these groups that are currently untapped and/or underutilized.


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