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Syed Amjad Ali
Position: Region IX Vice President


Reg IX - SAli PhotoSyed Amjad Ali, is a senior HSE training manager, the past 12 years with Sinopec Group in Saudi Arabia. He is a registered certified trainer with NSC, OSHA, NASP, ASSP, IASP and IADC. Syed has 30 years’ experience in the field of safety and loss prevention gained in various industry sectors.

Syed has worked at various positions for different organizations such as Aramco, Sabic and Royal Commission. In addition, he worked for several safety consultancies and undertook several projects. He has around 250 certifications in various disciplines of HSE. Currently, he is President of ASSP's Pakistan Chapter and Deputy Regional Vice President.  

Syed's worked over the past decade to help launch the Pakistan Chapter, which ultimately occurred in 2015-16. He is fully dedicated to OSH legislation and standards in Pakistan. He has attended the ASSP Professional Development Conference and seminars for many years.

Some major achievements include Sinopec 10 years’ Service Award, Best Safety Employee Award four times, Certificate of Excellence in 2014 and Safety Service Award from NSC in 2014. He is a subject-matter expert, was named Safety Trainer of the Year in 2010 by the Professionals of the World, and a certified instructor of TapRoot's Advanced Root Cause Analysis Leadership course. 

Platform Statement

It is an honor to be a part of the ASSP for more than 10 years and be able to spread a positive impact to the world. If elected for the position of Region IX Vice President, I will practice my experience in HSE and strive to raise the benchmark which is remarkably well-established and well-settled by the former region vice president. I will raise the level by working diligently with the talented area directors, chapter presidents and leaders of all the sections of the Region IX including experienced ASSP ambassadors through engaging in constructive activities with persistent hard work for not only the region’s progress and prosperity, but also for the pride of the Society as a whole with an inspirational vision for the future with close communication about the achievements and also of challenges faced, if any, to learn and overcome them without exhausting our resources elsewhere.

If I am elected for this position, I am determined to excel the Region IX further to incredible triumphs by not only encouraging current ASSP members but also by promoting ASSP and its tremendous achievements globally, to attract and reach out to all HSE practitioners around the globe, providing them reasons to join ASSP and motivate for a safer workplace environment. Furthermore, as the current President of the Pakistan Chapter and Deputy RVP, I have good insight and understanding of the responsibilities of the RVP position. This is a great opportunity for me to engage in taking up the challenge of RVP for Region IX.


President's Message

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ISO 45001 Standard

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